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I can enjoy pretty much every type of music except for country, which actually made me physically ill, once to be fair, the motion of the car and the smell of ham sandwiches may have also been factors With butter.

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Damn, now I'm hungry The Slut Test. Top-rated User Tests.

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The Natural Selector. Contacting Us. Username or E-mail: Password: Lost Passwords. An Ok Comparison red vs. Well, I've been living down here in the District for about 2 years; before that, college in PA, and before that, moving around with the family, since dad was in the Army.

It's actually a fairly cool way to grow up, provided you like your family.

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It means a hell of a lot of 'quality time'. Matashi : My name is Rick W. I'm 27, a current web developer with a lot of formers; former Marine, former radio DJ, former college student.

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I've travelled around a lot in my life, but grew up about feet from where I'm currently living, Bluefield VA. Not quite the Mama's Boy, but I'm smart enough to realize that mama know best. I'm looking for someone to share the rest of my life with, someone with a geek side that doesn't go in for Nascar or "wrastlin".


I have a deep respect for musicians I'm personally instrumentally challenged but I'm looking for guitar lessons and some of my good friends have their own bands. I'm more artistic, although over the years, my work has gone from the physical world to the digital.

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I have interests and opinions in all sorts of subjects, and I would like to find someone that shares a similiar interest. Talk to me, challenge me, make me laugh! Trying to decide what to do next - grad school, etc.

Repeatedly taking the foreign service exam, passing the written, and then failing the oral. Over and over again.

I'm either that tenacious dreamer who never says die, or I'm that obnoxious chick who won't take a hint. Matashi : I'm doing exactly what I want to do, only not in the place I would like to be doing it.

Pay for my field equals jack shit in this area. Being a web developer is an ongoing learning experience.

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You can't just learn a few things and stay there. You have to constantly grow, research, solve new problems, find the next new thing.

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I prefer that to some monkey pushing button type of job. Reciting movie quotes I should probably be embarrassed about knowing.

Matashi : Not sure about that one I think I'm proficient in a lot of areas, but can't say I'm terribly good at one or the other. Matashi : My eyes and voice. Years of military and good ol' smoking plus work on the radio tuned my voice down a few octaves I hear I would make a good sex phone operator.

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Things I should have kept up with a long time ago. I like a broad range of movies so picking among them is difficult. I really love cheezy B-movies though.

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I like Alternative, Punk, Hardcore music, but I also really enjoy electronic, drum 'n' bass, breaks and ambient. My favorite foods are Asian cuisine.

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Matashi : My Health It sounds like you're appealing to my intellectual curiosity, asking whose inner thought processes I'd most like to explore, but since my personality and intellect will be traveling along with my brain and theirs will be doing likewise, you're really just asking who I want to look like.

In which case, Halle Berry. Matashi : The condition of the world, whether one leader or another is in any better position to try and make it better.

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I think the more we try, the more we are going to piss one faction off or another. Chill damnit. After that really dreary thought, I also spend a lot of time thinking about meeting someone who would take my mind off the other bullshit.

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Or out to dinner. Or unconscious at an embarrassingly early hour.

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It depends on how long the week felt. Matashi : Hanging out with friends, watching movies or kicked back, drinking and catching up on all the happenings. Nobody uses turn als!

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Matashi : I've explored my sexuality, and can firmly say that I'm happy just the way I am. Matashi : You are looking for a penpal, looking to meet someone who will keep you laughing.

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Also, if you are looking to message someone Who is Statements are made only when they're true in all cases bounded by a reasonable margin of error. Math governs us.

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The Internet belongs free. Here are some people recently subjected to the compare tool. Showing single users similar to red and Matashi.

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Humor Rainbow, Inc.

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