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She's on a mission to change the world. Moved there from Atl 5 years ago and moved back about two years later. I love the beach and think the area is beautiful but man did i hate it there. Met some other ATL folks there that hated it too. They left shortly after i did! Its just its own strange bubble and i def did not fit into it! I could not agree more. Felt like I was on another planet.

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I moved to Charleston from Virginia right before I started high school and was automatically shunned. If you come from an area where there is so much to do for any age to Charleston, it will disappoint you. How Charleston wins best city, or whatever, award is beyond me. Give Charleston a week and you will be able to do everything it has to offer. I mean what can you expect from a city that still prides itself on starting the Civil War, my apologies, the War of Northern Aggression.

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You did yourself te biggest favour by leaving. I agree with everything you said. Charleston wins the Conde Nast and Traveling awards for two reasons: 1. They never go out of the historic area, and 2. The get plenty of gratuities from the hotel and tourism industries. The other illusion is that it is cheaper to live here. We moved here from Michigan and in the last two years we have found that everything except gasoline is more expensive.

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Property taxes are comparable, but sales tax and state income taxes are much higher in South Carolina. Listen, you people are all deranged and CHS is perfect, no matter from where one hails. I lived there for four years in college and by graduation I would regularly break down and cry because I hated living there so much.

I will be returning someday to visit, as it is quite beautiful, but living there almost made me crazy.

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So glad I moved to Nola! When I moved down a couple weeks later I thought I was living in a Disney movie. The thing to is enjoy living.

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If you can do that then Charleston is a perfect place to live or visit. If you depend on ever-changing entertainment then move to New York.

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Seriously, New York is awesome too. So glad I moved to Nola. Lived there for 1 year. Funny I live in RichmondVirginia and aside from a few hipsters, we have Confederate flag wavers and sweet tea all over the place. Unless, of course you are from NOVA. And everything is expensive. Half the people here are transplants and as the many rude commenters on this have proven, Charleston is not fond of outsiders. People in this city are rude just like any other city.

The old money downtown culture is filled with competition and comparison just like other wealthy neighborhoods in any citybut I do need to add that there are many loving and hospitable people living downtown. Nevertheless, I can definitely imagine feeling unwelcomed by the locals because I have felt the same way and I AM a local. My advice to people who find themselves in a similar situation as Jenn: find a new crowd of people to hang out with.

You may not be able to choose your co-workers, but you can choose the people you hang out with on the weekends. A good place to look for these kind of people may be at a young adult group in one of the churches downtown, like City Church. Yes, there may be some fakes but there are also some wonderful, friendly, caring people.

I wish all the transplants here felt that way and would MOVE back to wherever the hell they came from!!! I lived in Atl for 3 years and then moved to Charleston and been here for 3 years now. All I think about is leaving. There is no southern hospitality unless you think fake is nice.

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I fled Charleston after suffering a decade of the local faux hospitality and narrow minded young and old cronies. I find the place to be stifling and filled with opinionated picayune sycophants.

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Avoid Charleston. Come to Miami where we let people be creative and free, with few rules to hinder us! I think there is no right or wrong answer.

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I liked Nashville until it became overcrowded. By contrast, I like Knoxville and will visit Charleston soon. Everyone ive met from Charleston has been incredibly friendly! It is still true. The place is a disaster. The local economy revolves around food and bev which, is taxed higher than NYC! In summer its more humid than Florida. But please enjoy some low country boil. I cannot agree with you more. Everyone who finds out I now live in Charleston act so jealous and as if this is the most majestic place on earth.

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It is an antiquated bougie shit hole. My only comment is did you receive an invitation to come to Charleston? We are glad you are leaving and wish you would take more people with you. Just so I am clear, she is allowed to put down a city a lot of love and we should sit and take it?

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We take great pride in our city and we have no shame in that. If she can express her feelings so can we!

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She took great pride in this article and has no shame in that. If you can express your feelings so can she! See what I did there? Get the sand outta your butthole and let the lady be.

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Her best friend in Atlanta was probably joyed to her face to see she came back. CS- An invite is required to come to Charleston?

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Is pride not one of the seven deadly sins? Tsk Tsk. The Charleston natives are a homogenous bunch, not much more to be said. The land is lovely, with its beaches, and the weather is just right. Aw shucks, oh lawdy, dem Yanks in our territory …. Nice word salad there. By invitation she meant the negative female came here on her own fruition. Atlanta most likely was humm….

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Oh, Ive been to Atlanta also. It looks best in my rear view on my way to Nashville. Did you receive an invitation to move here?? Who needs an invitation to move anywhere? Oh, I guess you might need one to move to Charleston. Jesus you sound dumb….

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Luckily I stopped reading at the sentence I just quoted. This chick is taking up valuable internet space!! Now if only your sentiments could be expressed to all of the 40ppl moving here a day. Maybe see if you can get this article in Conde Nast.

Life is what you make it. It does not matter where you live.

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