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It has themes of inter-faith sex, male domination, race play, impregnation and cuckoldry. If this is not something you are interested in, please do not read it. This is a sexual fantasy that is hot in your head but never in reality. Glad we had this chat. After our abbuji passed away last year, we could not afford anything extra as our ammi became the sole breadwinner for the family, but my sisters had always wanted to lead a luxurious life.

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Both Hina and Sabah loved to shop and would find means and ways to earn some extra cash while I loved to have the newest gadgets. This resulted in the girls being very close and open to me and there were hardly any secrets among us siblings.

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The next day after school, my sisters were waiting for me at home dressed and ready. Hina was in a anarkali churidar suit while Sabah was in t-shirt and shorts.

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Both girls looked so hot! I complemented on their attires and they both my sisters kissed me lovingly.

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I put my schoolbag down, got changed and after grabbing a quick bite we left for the modeling agency office. We reached the studio in half an hour and found that it was a 2-storey residential house. I knocked on the door and a few minutes later a middle aged, fat man came to answer.

He was a dark complexioned, heavy-set and hairy, sporting a large mustache. We introduced ourselves and he said his name was Vishal Sharma. Neither of my sisters were surprised, it seemed to me that they had known about this company all along.

My sisters were walking behind me as we walked into his house. I told Sharmaji that my sisters wanted to try out for the modeling job. Sharmaji looked at my fair-skinned sisters with a dirty gaze, looked sleazily at their perky mummays and wide gaands, and chuckeld. He took my sisters to a small room and closed the door, telling me to wait.

Sharmaji started by asking some basic questions and then went into more personal, intimate questions. But Sharmaji was having none of the nautanki. That worked like magic.

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Both of the girls had no problems shedding clothes after that veiled threat. When they were done, my sisters came out looking happy and all three of us went off thanking him. Once out of the bulding, I asked my sisters how it went and they simply said that he asked them to watch a demo video and if they liked it to come back for the audition next day.

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The video file started playing and I was stunned at its contents. It was a porn clip!

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I noticed both my sisters were focusing on the video and were very excited. The camera zoomed in on the blowjob action and I saw both men were sporting large, uncut cocks.

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At this point I tried to stop the video but my sisters snatched the remote from my hands, they wanted to finish watching it. When the video was done, I went into my room and started to jerk myself. I did not notice as Hina and Sabah crept into my room until I was about to cum. Stupid girls! Since we are still kunwari virgins, we would like you and only you to be the first in us.

Can we help you clean up, please?

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This content appeared first on new sex story. I could feel she was wet already and started fingering her. I pulled my fingers out and Sabah climbed on top of my bed. She lay on my bed with her legs spread wide. Hina got naked and was kissing me while I slowly fucked Sabah. Salman you stupid bhonsdi ke!

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You can cum inside me, because ammi had put us on pills. This was a hardly surprising revelation.

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I then got up and positioned myself behind Hina. Bhaiyaa you asshole! As I fucked Hina, Sabah sat up and kissed her semen soaked lips. I cummed hard in Hina as I watched the girls sharing my cum, and pulled out. Both girls looked at me smiling and I kissed both my sisters.

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As I lay on the bed resting, the girls started taking turns cleaning my spend lora with their greedy mouths. After they finished sucking me clean and dry, Hina and Sabah then started kissing each other passionately before laying down beside me.

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I put each arm round each girl and we gossiped for a while. Later, we got into the shower together. I then bent Hina over and fucked her last virgin hole as she screamed in both pain and pleasure.

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Her virgin assring muscles felt so damn tight! I cummed in her gaandh hard and pulled out, ordering the waiting Sabah to clean the soiled hole as Hina began to lube up her sister.

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I swapped girls this time and Hina was busy kissing Sabah while I fucked her virgin gaandh. Hina then sucked me clean. You did not clean your gaand well. Ammi called us on my mobile, I put her on the speakerphone so that the girls could also talk to her.


Ammi stuttered for a moment, then explained that her boss was doing some aerobic exercise in their hotel room. And then a really strange thing happenned. Before ammi could reply, we heard the roar of a man on the phone. Take it, mulli randi!

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