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Highs will be in the low 6us.

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See 2 for details. What's Happening Local Area man dies in accident A year-old Johnstown man died Monday evening in Ohio State University Hospital, Columbus, from injuries sustained earlier in a one-car wreck on Ohio 16, about a mile west of the Newark corporation limit. Blagg Sr. His wife Ina M. Blagg is listed in fair condition today in Licking Memorial Hospital, suffering from a broken collarbone and compression fracture, both sustained in the p.

Troopers report Blagg was thrown from his car after he lost control, hit a guardrail and overturned off the edge of the eastbound lane of Ohio Granville emergency squmen took both accident victims to LMH, but Blagg was later transferred to University Hospital via LifeFlight, the emergency evacuation helicopter.

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It is the second consecutive year of higher enrollments at the Newark branch, he said. While Greenstein called the increase, from to students "modest," he said it was ificant in the face of falling enrollments at other state university branch campuses including Ohio State's in Ohio. One particularly interesting area of growth, Greenstein said, was the OSU-N graduate program for teachers, which reported a 34 percent enrollment increase this year. Franklin County Coroner Dr. William Adrion called the deaths, of Jordan and Drew Arrington "a horrendous accidental death.

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According to information supplied by Action's office, the boys had been left Thursday in the care of an unidentified babysitter, who suffers from a bronchial condition. The twins found some medication in her purse and swallowed some, mistaking t for candy. The nation cartel announced Monday, after more than 10 hours of talks in a Geneva hotel that it had aorooH in principle to reduce its production ceiling by 1.

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Main St. Township Meeting Bowling Green Township trustees meet at 8 p. Wednesday at the County Administration Building, 20 S. Second St. If you fail to receive your Advocate, call your carrier promptly or call the Advocate's circulation department at before 6 p.

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ly, the commissioners had. Pataskala Mayor J. Michael Montis said the decision was "a big shock to me"; "It the commissioner's decision wasn't ' taken as a real good move at this end of the county," Montis said. I would like to see their facts and figures. I would think they would want to keep this in Licking County. I would like to know what is going on.

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Currently, the Columbus water service extends as far east as the New Albany-Reynoldsburg Road, which is approximately. Pataskala is only 1.

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Ray Withers, superintendent of the Pataskala Water Treatment Plant, said he wants to know why the commissioners didn't consider Columbus sooner for the project. Why are they being considered now.? That's when we decided tocheckintoit. However, we haven't made a committment either way yet. Workmen from the Nu-Way Excavating Co. The collision of modern man and ancient Indian in the campus parking lot has turned the site into an instant tourist attraction, drawing local curiosity-seekers and big-city news teams since the first ancient firepit was discovered Friday afternoon.

The firepit was discovered when William Farley, an amateur archeologist and an owner of Nu-Way, spotted flint rock during grading operations for the new parking lot. Work was stopped immediately and a call put in for Mondale plays catch-up: Reagan aides see sweep Walter F. Mondale, encouraged by his crowds as he struggles to catch up, says President Reagan is "in Local Sluts Beechwood Trails OH a big surprise" while the president's aides talk not just of winning but of winning everywhere.

Even as Reagan cautioned supporters against overconfidence, his campaign aides were alling supreme confidence and saying they consider it possible for the president to win all 50 states, an unprecedented feat, i Reagan campaign spokesman James Lake would not flatly predict such an outcome, but he said Monday that private GOP polls show Reagan leading in 49 states and "dead even" in Minnesota, the Democratic challenger's home. And Lake said Reagan's schedule this week has been tailored to put him in several small states with few electoral votes, with the aim of winning all 50 states.

Urging voters not to become complacent, Reagan said he tries not to read the polls that show him 17 to 24 points ahead. Hooge and his helpers then spent several' hours removing bits of rock, pottery and other artifacts' from the ancient cooking area.

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But then another pit was discovered Monday, bringing work to a halt again. The pits were used in what Blosser said local archeologists called "a crude form of crock-pot cookery," in which fire-heated flint rocks were scattered on the ground and then heaped Monday, Mondale was buoyed by the large crowds he drew - 10, people, wall-to-wall for two city blocks in Seattle - and predicted a voter shift the polls have not detected.

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Mondale also unleashed one of the most personal criticisms yet at Reagan and Vice President George Bush. Either place, it's good sleeping. Reagan was remaining In the White House today and planned no more campaign trips until Thursday, when he departs on a trip West that will takeTiim to 10 states, ending in California on Election Day. I',ijjlilv-tHO stuijenls in lie lliree fiurlli-prale classes ileroruled the courtyard for display Monday and 1 iiesday.

Timothy K. Black, Advocate on top of food wrapped in wet grasses.

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Among the finds were half a vase and a well-preserved flint knife, Blosser said. The artifacts have been carted away for scientific dating, Blosser said, although Hooge has estimated they are between 1, and 1, years old.

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Walter Mon. The statistics are for September. The county had 4, persons on the jobless rolls in September, while 50, county residents had jobs. The unemployment rate for the county was 8 8 percent in August.

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September's jobless figures were a mixed bag for Central Ohio, with some counties seeing an increase in unemployment. The local breakdown, with September's figures first followed by August's statistics in parenthesis are:' Perry County, It percent The state's unemployment average in September was 8. Meanwhile, in Washington, the government reported that average personal income ot Americans rose a healthy 2.

The overall increase was slightly less than the 2.

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In Ohio, overall income was. Here are the percentage changes in overall income from the first quarter to the second quarter and amount of total personal income, expressed as an annual figure, for surrounding states: Pennsylvania, up 2. Ken Barrett, executive director of SERB, the board that serves both public employees and employers, said the law "will take some time to get off the ground.

He was the guest speaker at the event.

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We're going to need some time to get this thing rolling. A lot of people thought the Collective Bargaining Act was going to bring immediate, sweeping changes to Utj state, but that's not going to happen. It's going to take some time.

SERB was formed at that time. City Grant Writer Oren Henry presented council members with a three-part plan for housing rehabilitation which provides low-interest loans for qualified property owners. Under the second phase of the program, 'Pretreatment raises questions from Keller Newark City Council's Service Committee continued its exploration of Newark's "pre-treatment ordinance" Monday evening, but one member of the committee suggested that the ordinance doesn't address pretreatment at all.

The ordinance outlines requirements for local industry using the city's wastewater treatment system and Phillip Keller, D-l, told the committee he could not find any requirement that industrial waste be "pre-treated" before it enters the system. States with strong income gains also included Florida at 3.

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The worst hit was North Dakota, where earnings slumped 81 percent. Montana residents saw personal income go down by 3 percent, followed by declines of 2.

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And in the housing market, salt of new homes, led by a stampede of activity in the South, soared Single-family homes were sold at a seasonally adjusted annual rate ofin the month, compared to an August rate ofIt was lie largest gain since a The new increase "came mainly from southern states, where sales were up a remarkable 52 percent. It was only the second gain in the last seven months. Sales activity has been sluggish since February, with housing analysts blaming higher interest rates for the slowdown.

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He said that given time, the bargaining law will change the way contracts are negotiated between public employees and employers. Our job is to lie neulral.

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We have to put aside partisan politics and do what needs to be done. We will only step in when both sides reach an impasse," Barrett said SERB will act as fact finders, mediators and arbitrators in contract disputes.

The third portion of the program will offer ' deferred loans to home owners who do not qualify for the bond-issue loan program. Henry said that portion is aimed at, "home owners who cannot afford any type of loan program, but who live in houses worth preserving. Property owners choose their own contractors for the rehabilitation work.

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Henry said the state plan is an alternative to Newark's original plan of offering its own local loan program. A bond sale by the state's "Home Improvement Loan Program" is expected in Decern bcr, Henry said, and funds for local homeowners will bcavailableearly in 1

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