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There are only two pills that are FDA-approved for PrEP: a prescription medication called Truvada and another called Descovy, both made by the same company. PrEP is actually a combination of two anti-viral medicines Emtricitabine and Tenofovir in a single pill. The difference between Truvada and Descovy is in the form of tenofovir contained in each product.

Descovy contains a newer form of tenofovir called tenofovir alafenamide TAF and Truvada contains the original form of tenofovir as tenofovir disoproxil fumarate TDF. The newer form may have slightly fewer side effects-you can discuss that with your doctor. Good question. So here's the straight answer: men who have sex with men gay, bi, DL, trans etc.

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In the United States, men who have sex with men continue to be the group most affected by the HIV epidemic. While anyone straight, gay or bican get HIV from unprotected sex, unprotected anal sex is much more likely to result in HIV infection than unprotected vaginal sex. Bottoms are at the highest risk, but tops especially uncut tops are still at risk too. If you are at high risk for becoming HIV positive, it makes sense to do whatever you can to lower your risk.


Taking the daily PrEP pill is one big thing you can do to lower your risk of getting HIV; using condoms whenever you fuck is another. Although our HIV positive brothers who take their daily HIV medications to keep the virus under control undetectable levelcan keep themselves healthy and lead a normal life, it's still best for your overall health to stay HIV negative if you caneven if that means taking a PrEP pill every day to help to keep yourself from becoming infected with HIV virus.

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Okto understand how the daily PrEP pill works to prevent HIV infection, you first have to know a little bit about how the HIV virus harms the human body after it gets inside. The HIV virus gets into the body by hitching a ride in cum, pre-cum or blood that is shared during unprotected sex with an HIV positive person.

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Once inside the body, the virus then travels through the bloodstream and invades the cells of a person's immune system. These HIV copies then bust out of the immune cell and the cell eventually dies. After breaking out of the cell, all the new HIV viral copies travel throughout the body and invade even more immune cells, repeating the same destructive process over and over again.

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Without treatment, a person with AIDS will die from common infections that HIV negative people with healthy immune systems would easily fight off. The good news is that we now have a combination of medications, that when taken together every day, keeps the HIV virus from multiplying and killing too many immune system cells.

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A person living with HIV has to keep taking their medications for the rest of their life in order to keep the HIV virus in check and stay healthy. If they stop their meds, the virus will start multiplying again and destroy their immune system.

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The PrEP pill is prescribed to be taken once every dayideally around the same time every day so that you have a steady amount of medicine in your body at all times available to stop HIV infection. If you don't take the medicine as prescribed, it's not going to give you the highest level of protection. If you and your doctor decide PrEP is right for you, you should download a free pill reminder app for your phone to help you remember to take it every day.

Keeping the pills on your night stand, so you see them first thing in the morning, or next to your tooth brush, can help you remember too.

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You definitely should get yourself a 7 day pill box like this one, so you can keep track of if you've taken your pill each day. You can get them at any drugstore. If you sometimes don't spend the night at home, you can take a PrEP pill with you in a keychain pill case like this, so you're always PrEPared and won't miss a dose!

If you do forget to take your PrEP pill at your usual time, "take it as soon as you remember that day.

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Do not take 2 doses at the same time. Call your healthcare provider or pharmacist if you are not sure what to do. PrEP is less effective if it is not taken every day, although studies suggest that there is still a good level of protection even if you accidentally miss a dose every once in awhile. However, if you want the highest level of protection, you should do your very best to take PrEP every single day.

Using PrEP with a condom, gives you the highest level of protection from HIV infection because, although it is rare, there are some people who are carrying a type of HIV which is resistant to the medicines in the PrEP pill.

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In that case, a condom is necessary to give you protection. Those patients are doing well on HIV meds with undetectable viral lo.

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Unfortunately, there haven't been enough studies in trans men yet to see how well it works for "front hole" sex, but it would work the same for anal sex. The reason it might be a little less effective in the front hole is that when you take T it can cause dryness and thinning up in the front hole, which makes small skin tears more likely, which makes it easier for any infection to get into the body--another reason to use plenty of lube!

For cis men it takes about seven days of taking daily PrEP pills for the medicine to build up enough in your body to give the highest level of protection during anal sex.

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So you definitely would not want to have sex without a condom until after at least 7 days of taking daily PrEP pills. Listen up trans men: for front hole sex, it takes at least twenty days of daily use for the front hole to be protected. Because taking T can cause the walls of the front hole to thin and become drier, you're more likely to get micro tears up in there that can put you at higher risk for all sexually transmitted infections. We're not sure yet if PrEP works as well in front hole sex for trans men as it does with anal sex, so risk reduction estimates don't apply to front hole sex.

PrEP is safe, and most people have no problem taking it. In some people PrEP can cause mild side effects, such as upset stomach, headaches, weight loss and tiredness.

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Those symptoms usually go away after just a few weeks. However, for some folks, it make take a couple months to fully adjust to the medication.

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If the PrEP pill makes you tired or a little nauseousyou may want to try taking it before bed, instead of in the morning. Rare side effects include kidney or bone problems.

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Some doctors recommend Vitamin D and Calcium supplements to protect against any bone problems. Your PrEP provider will go over the possible side effects with you and will help you to monitor your health for medication side effects while you're on PrEP. Your liver may become large and tender, and you may develop fat in your liver. Again, these two side effects are VERY rare. Mild nausea is common for the first month or so of treatment, however. Unfortunately, Syphilis is very common in our community right now.

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It can be cured with a single shot in most cases, but it's something you need to be aware of, and get tested for, because left untreated syphilis can have serious health consequences. However, but there is a "non-daily dosing strategy for PrEP that was studied in cis men who have sex with men in France and Canada, and is being used in some clinics in Europe and Canada.

Participants took an average of 4 pills per week a dosing frequency associated with high levels of protection in studies of daily PrEP. With proper medical supervision, you can safely start and stop taking PrEP at different points in your life depending on what your HIV risk is at the time.

For example, if you start a relationship where you and your boyfriend are both HIV negative and both of you are absolutely SURE neither of you are going to have sex with anyone else, you might decide to stop taking PrEP while you're in that relationship.

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If that relationship ends and you plan on getting out to start dating and hooking up again, you could then start PrEP again. However, any time you start PrEP, it is important to remember that it takes at least seven days of daily use for PrEP to reach full effectiveness for anal sex.

And, if you're planning on stopping PrEP, you need to keep taking it for 4 weeks after the last time you had unprotected sex. Maybe some people will, but you can't let what some judgmental asshole thinks control how you live your life.

Haters gonna hate, that's life. When unmarried females first were fighting for the right for to be able to get birth control pills, they were called sluts by a lot of conservative men.

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But now you wouldn't even think of calling a female a slut for taking daily birth control pills to keep from getting pregnant--you'd say she was being responsible! PrEP is only crazy expensive if you don't have health insurance or your insurance plan doesn't cover it. The good news is most insurance plans do cover it, as do many Medicaid type programs.

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Many people are able to get PrEP at low or no cost, using the available resources. Even if you're taking daily PrEP, it's still a good idea to know your partner's HIV status, and if they are on HIV medication and have been "undetectable" for 6 months. HIV Local Sluts Hillandale MD people who have been undetectable for 6 months and stay that way cannot transmit HIV to their partners.

If they're not "undetectable", you should ask if they have a resistant form of HIV. Well, it's because you're human-- if you slip up and miss a bunch of days of taking PrEP and then have unprotected sex, you could still get HIV. To fully treat an established HIV infection, your doctor will need to add another medicine to the PrEP pill or give a a different combo of medicines to keep your HIV in check and keep you healthy.

The sooner you take it, the better. TasP is short for Treatment As Prevention. According to these studies, current scientific consensus is that when an HIV positive person is taking all their medications as prescribed, and has been able to get their HIV viral load to "undetectable" levels for six months AND continues to keep it undetectable, they will not transmit HIV to their partner s.

The goal is to get everyone who has HIV to "undetectable" levels whenever possible, both for the benefits to their own health and for the health of their partners. This is why getting tested and getting treated as early as possible for HIV infection is so important. The earlier an HIV positive person gets their viral lo under control, the better their long term health--and the lower their viral load, the lower their risk of passing HIV to their partners.

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Take this short quiz to find out if taking the once a day PrEP pill might be a good choice for you to protect yourself from HIV infection. This quiz is for educational purposes only. You'll need to talk PrEP over with your health care provider to be sure if it's right for you.

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No one can see your answers but you and they are NOT stored on the website or anywhere else! Before you can start taking the daily PrEP pill for HIV prevention, you're going to want to make sure you can cover all the costs of the pills, lab tests and check ups.

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Most insurance plans and many Medicaid plans do cover PrEP, but there still may be some out of pocket co-pays you could be responsible for. That means you're going to need to do a little research before you get started so you can find out for sure what is and isn't covered in your plan.

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Nobody wants surprise medical bills, so do your homework. Some insurance companies will cover PrEP, no questions asked, but others may require a little more work on your part to get them to pay up. In some cases your doctor may also have to submit paperwork to your insurance company for "prior authorization" PA before prescribing you PrEP.

There are specific diagnosis codes doctors may have to give insurance companies to get PrEP approved for you. The good news is that even if you have co-pays, there's some free financial aid out there to help you out with those payments.

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