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John C. Visa has In conilml, wuh tw. L Ma. S" II. Kill Ihri l au nt hf r In nf lhi mllr. Im iiw, V. S', I. IDrra wan I linra fie clerneii y,m? Af, k, lh, HMtlin-ii.

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HneHiilitf frtlHiy hr rtm. IMiniiiTiiiia -n hi yf. MWliimr TlHiniwm.

Hi name will liva in hmitomil liia-tory. Aiilpf Icilron'a or they "knew any ean-e," Ac, ihey rliarge to tlte Tilum-lifoeher Jurr; in " h viliraleil their hcaih like the fjen - i.

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Iriie thai ym havet ne Iha faith uf my nnrrt, pniwniml Air imnilh a loilMtnie aaej eairnira raara-; ll l true that unlr 1 krei nit Wiinf anil allow joii rhe mti-uche, Woweref, rm. I li-l ai vicinity of hia mi kel hook, jiial aa if know air aiiml.

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I ararnl. That wmiM be tha Mranina f A Nf. Sme o our intrlligoiit fiii ml- of the ItemmTntir rixiniiir. TilUm, i entitled to- a ti. Trnl; haro tilknl It u aerionily upon the question of holHing a! Of ronr-e, were lhi letcrinineil upon, the men now on I lie Kkv. Wiijmix, the au thor of the "Declaration and Teatimo I ny," who was deponed from the mtnta!

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Ilumy Wanl Ucccher won 1. Harria, Hlianka and llibliilt.

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It would Hot, in our opinion, or the opinion of thoae who hare talked with u uton the Kulject, he poihle to unite the friend of any one of our a'piraiua, up in either, in caa one of them should rrvwvr iaa nimnii. We Ho netwih to he con But when the learned Ika-tor pronoundeil the ante juetian to frifi audience the Iriiihtcneil' eyea of the bride flaahed up ami darteil around the room with a aortof rlf-rtiM'elfwion, aa if he cxwrted'lbaee the terrible Sir m of the " iovernor" rio up like the ahatle of the dead pant and turbid the liana.

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But he illll'iit The worda were apok en which rendered the pa-rient power lean to interfere. Kverythiug was love ly, and, to use an expulsive but not elegant phraae, the gome hung high. Nnpuleon Tcvia linghes re tired1 to their roam for a little much needed' rest and recreation. We move the.

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McCrcary and Harlan will clow then t canvas, at this place, and hav- pVpAKFOitn, has among other eurUm ins failed to airrvc unon a future list Utiea, a rather excentnc indivHlual nf linoiiilmnla llwiv rill Iw. I t a rousing crowd meet them here loan ricy. Tub New York Tribunt, the ablcat, aa it ia one of the most widely influen tial Independent Itcpulilicau Jour nals in the country; saya that the next President will We incline lo the Milcred a fliclnlor to lie party or the Democratic liartv has t-reat rcasoii to -inree cxct:neul pHUrmea who seek the office; but. Wk are not of thoae who Maine which relate to the vital.

V we were Bra"c". Rut we ' have no such usMiranet. W Mroli "raeea".

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What I races, aiai, ocUil itm the in to your; Lt the matter with the people of that bilujr sorrow. Shall we rcneat the folly, only to experience iiiofrat, or je panlieour organization T It ro- ie.

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K-'itr Cuwiaittce to answer scctioa anyhow? It seems to' be the birth-place ot more uiiliappiucsa than seveu counties in the. State, combined.

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Kcnluciv n. Only a week ago we chron icled the CriuUof a iovernment iau.

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Killed with amliltion to give eclat to the exercises, he obtainol a promise from the Stanford cornet1 band to fur nish the music. The eventful eve ning came, and so did the cornet band but they refused to come forward with the music. The I'rofessor was furious, and told them, iff the nresence of a lurirc audience, that they "had' lied.

To his hor ror he found that fully one-half of i them hail ilisappearen. Again he ap peared uisin the rostrum and after pouring out a Niagara of abuse on Me Hrtrrml.

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Another ruuawav collide from nl'"nB the music himself. Hcuding that infelicitous town came to the t iib-! Mieve that our be a Dam crat. Would il ha the "clean thing" unless arasi aad peearal and actual danger, In the part; you reresrnt ataiH It aecessarv?

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Wmilil il hara a Iradcitry to hsrmonite ai. Tihins oraa. Aaali 1 1 ini.

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Awsaw Milk I. R'f Kf laarr Cara. H-lr rpiiK. Which arTil Uiey Jo! What is beat for Ihem to ia t We '! Nevertheless, if our party hold to a different view, lie it ao. Thev came in yesterday on the noon train, looki -g like two innocent rah lata just escajied from a hungry hound. The noon train on the Kentucky Cen tral ia run especially for the accom modation of lovers in distress.

It leaves Stamford about 1 o'clock in In the last issue of the Mountain hht is a long article, addressed "To Sinners. CWisours o7. I l,ie "'i""'" the olJ ,,lu, " In,mororu thia is true, but ll. The bride-elect came We would have no trouble in placing before Kople an acceptable candidate, and who would unite our forces and add new strength to Miir entire State ticket, which, of it elf, U a mutter of great consideration.

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We must keep up our county orgaui Mtioiis in poll our utmost strength leave no chance fur our iViemU to "swop" votes in a legisla tive race, if w hope to roll up a itraiid majority lor our State ticket. This is a matter fla- your considera tion, gentlemen of the t'oiumitte,aiid.

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Jos B. Buck er, late of the Cenlrnl News Printing Ivtublislimeut, 1iuuasler, pusacd thniugh town a few davs sinua with over from the depot by one route and the groom-lo be hy another. They met ui the parlors, and then, without the loss of lime, set about Ike accom plishment of that continuation so de voutly wished.

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The three handsome anal syaiiwthetic clerks bounced around in the jwrseculed man's liehulf like pop-cora ua a hot stove. Kamp buslled Use man of trouble off to the Court House tor the liceuaa Mctilase on bounded aaay utter the Kev. Itoyce laul set up a corner on runaway matches and divide-1 feeswhile Young, the ymith ful, cheered tin trembling bride with words of hone a.

Wlaest and " '", 7 ". In a jifly do you know what a jif fy ia? It got noUed about that aainetking tragical was auout to happen, and the parlsr y true was The -iirst liuiulwref tke Itrporler will up-aar anonl U-n ilavs, and Mr. Urn kcr lulls at that ke starts out with more than a funeral it ia a wedding.

Then there enme an awkward I void of exportation. The gentlemen rij.


Ida ll I every aasuran.

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