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In the United States, sex workers have fewer rights today than we did in On June 2,hundreds and then thousands of people, mostly women, many of them sex workersbegan occupying churches all over France. Whore is a word that is older than writing. Those occupying churches in France came to protest police brutality and their evictions from the places where they worked and lived.

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The occupation sparked an international sex worker rights movement that continues today. Sex workers all over the world organized and began pressing their governments to listen to them and to stop the arrests. Ten years later, inover a hundred sex workers met in Amsterdam for the first of two World Whores Congresses.

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They called for the full decriminalization of prostitution. By New Zealand decriminalized sex work as part of a public health initiative led by sex workers. That same year in the U. The in both places on opposite sides of the world have been persuasive, positive, and well-documented, and, by Amnesty International endorsed the full decriminalization of sex work as a human rights issue.

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But in the United States sex workers have fewer rights today that we did inor Over night, the places where adult sex workers scheduled and screened their clients disappeared. The were violent and fast: more arrests, more attacks, people doing more for less and still losing their homes.

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We gathered, and we schemed, and we organized to fight back against local and national attacks on our trade. Generations of maligned whores have been fighting for decades to be heard and we will continue to gather to reclaim our history and fight for our future. Today elected officials at every level of government are starting to listen.


Vice President Kamala Harris has admitted that prostitution is not a problem we can arrest our way out of. Whores are part of a very long history.

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June 2 is not marked by many and the occupation of St. But sex workers and our allies have kept these memories alive, translating and preserving the international headlinesdocumentariesand books that have and continue to be written for each other across generations. Now is the moment in history when we can be heard. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation.

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