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NEW HAVEN -- It's happened before, but this time Yale University President Richard Levin is weighing in as the campus reacts to the alleged misogynistic chants made by fraternity pledges that were caught on tape and have now gone viral on the Internet.

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Marching blindfolded through the Old Campus, where most of the freshmen live, pledges for Delta Kappa Epsilon last week shouted, "No, means yes and yes means a type of sexual act. Levin and Yale College Dean Mary Miller, in a letter to the campus, expressed their concern over the "appalling language" chanted on the campus. DKE, which was founded at Yale inclaims some famous past members, including five U. Bush and George H. Prior to this recent incident, inthe Zeta Psi chapter had pledges stand in front of the women's center on campus holding a that read: "We Love Yale Sluts.

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That also brought swift condemnation from the women's center and some discussion, but this time the international office of DKE said the chants were "deeply offensive, and do not adhere to the standards of morals and behavior that we expect of all DKE members. The chants have been condemned on the blogosphere as "caveman behavior," "creepy" and just plain "gross.

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The leaders of the women's center felt they were particularly egregious because the message took place outside freshmen dorms. They said the chants sent a "clear message to impressionable first-year students -- both the pledges who were told to repeat the chant and the students who were forced to listen.

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The verses treat sexual violence as as joke," they wrote in the Yale Daily News. There have been two forums on the campus following the incident and both members of the women's center and DKE have pledged to work together to try to move forward. Senior Jordan Forney, president of DKE, has personally apologized for the incident at the first forum, calling the chants "completely uncalled for and unacceptable," something that represented "a complete lack of judgment.

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Please note that this is in no way a reflection of our organization and what we stand for" he told a forum last week. Levin said DKE is not a Yale organization, but it is composed of Yale students and "an episode like this breaches the trust that is essential to preserving a community of free and open discourse.

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We call upon those responsible to reflect deeply and to embark on a course that will heal the hurt they have caused. In-Depth Coverage.

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How legalizing recreational pot will affect past convictions. Lawsuit over bullying against CT schools could go to trial.

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Minor league basketball team coming to CT.

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