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The Yale frat that President George W. Bush and his father, President George H. National leaders of Delta Kappa Epsilon are coming to Connecticut this weekend to meet with the college men after amateur video appeared online of pledges marching through the New Haven campus on Oct. DKE, which is popular among Yale athletes, has been considered one of Yale's most prestigious fraternities -- both because its roots are there, and because it's the only fraternity chapter at Yale that has never gone inactive.

Back in George W. In the 60s, Bush and his frat brothers declared themselves the decorating committee, spotted a wreath in a hotel and took it, the Times reports.

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Bush was arrested. He later said they had had a few beers.

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But, it has been in the headlines for tragedy: infour members died and five others were injured when their vehicle hit a tractor-trailer on a Connecticut highway as they returned from a DKE pledge event in New York. Inthe Zeta Psi chapter apologized after pictures surfaced on Facebook showing 12 pledges posing in front of the women's center with a that read, "We Love Yale Sluts. Yale College Dean Mary Miller said DKE's willingness to accept responsibility for the incident gives the university a chance to talk frankly about recognizing and preventing sexual harassment.

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National leaders have also ordered the chapter at Yale to stop pledge activities. The meeting comes days after the brothers apologized to the Yale Women's Center board.

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