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Dealing with a baby crying for no apparent reason is not generally a positive experience. After researching possible causes on the Internet, talking with other mothers and consulting doctors, she learned that Molly, now 7, had eczema.

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Chen started an e-commerce site a year ago, primarily selling skin care items to other mothers of children with sensitive skin. She was surprised at the positive response it received so quickly.

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It went so well that she added toys, clothing and accessories, which began to accumulate in the garage of her Los Altos home. Giving girls options is something Chen takes seriously. She runs an informal entrepreneurship program at the store, which is open to local girls who have deed or created products and are passionate about what they do.

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We just want to help the girls build their confidence, build their business. They have the opportunity to come to the store and talk with the customers and give a presentation.

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Chen has worked with three groups of girls on marketing their products since opening the store seven months ago. She and her sister always had bad dreams, so they came up with this idea, an essential oils spray to make you feel relaxed and happy after the bad dreams. They have been selling very well, actually.

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Girls Los Altos caters primarily to girls under the age of 10, but is working on adding more items for girls between the ages of 10 and As such, Chen said the store will soon be a destination shop for clothing from the Tea Collection, out of San Francisco. The store also carries some items for boys, such as shoes, toys and school supplies.

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Girls Los Altos is open from 11 a. Tuesday through Saturday, and is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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Kevin Kelly at kkelly dailynewsgroup. Los Altos: A shop for girls to feel comfortable and maybe start their own business.

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But for one Los Altos mother, it led to the creation of a retail business. Report an error Policies and Standards .

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