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Among the of names for sports teams in the United States and Canada, those referring to Indigenous peoples are lesser in popularity only to the names of various animals Eagles, Tigers, Bulldogs, Panthers, Wildcats, Lions, Cougars. In the top ten, "Warriors" is six, and "Indians" is eight. Other imagery include dreamcatchersfeathers, spears, and arrows.

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Individual schools may have performance traditions, such as the tomahawk chopa mascot or cheerleaders in stereotypical Native attire, and chants adapted from Hollywood movies. These fictional representations stand in the way of any authentic understanding of contemporary Indigenous peoples, and promote racism.

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The documents most often cited to justifying the trend for change are an advisory opinion by the United States Commission on Civil Rights in [3] and a resolution by the American Psychological Association in The trend towards the elimination of indigenous names and mascots in local schools has been steady, with two-thirds having been eliminated during the 50 years prior to according to the National Congress of American Indians NCAI. In a few states with ificant Native American populations, change has been mandated by law, such in Maine[9] Oregon[10] Washington [11] and Wisconsin.

The list below for secondary schools in the United States and Canada remains substantial, with teams currently calling themselves "Indians", "Braves", 68 "Chiefs", "Warriors" using indigenous imagery there are many with the name using generic, Greek or Roman mascotsand 41 "Redskins". The latter has shown the greatest decline, due to an association with the Washington Redskins name controversy.

Since the NFL team has become the Washington Football Teamsix additional high schools ly using the name also changed.

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Most of the schools with the name use a bird logo, therefore are not directly derived from an indigenous people although there may be an indirect reference to Chief Black Hawk. Two schools that dropped the Redskins name in compliance with California law choose Tribe as a new name to retain their logo and other Native American imagery. A of schools with the name "Warriors" never used indigenous imagery, or changed in response to the controversy.

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Further information: Native American mascot controversy. Main article: List of sports team names and mascots derived from indigenous peoples. General forms.


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Further information: Apache. Further information: Aztecs.

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Zion, Illinois [52] Mt. Further information: Cherokee. Further information: Chickasaw. Chamberlain High SchoolTampa, Florida - While six lower schools in the Hillsborough County, Florida School District will get new mascots, the Chamberlain and East Bay high schools will keep their mascots but change their traditions to be more authentic and less insensitive.

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Further information: Ojibwe. Further information: Choctaw.

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Further information: Comanche. Further information: Navajo Nation. Further information: Eskimo.

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Further information: Wyandot people. The vote came in response to a local petition after a year in which many schools changed their mascots following the decision by the Washington Football Team.

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Francis High School, St. Francis, Kansas St. Paul High School, St. Paul, Kansas St. Further information: Mohawk people. Further information: Sports teams named Redskins.

See also: Redskin. Henry High SchoolSt. Henry, Ohio St. Johns High SchoolSt. Johns, Arizona Sandusky High School, Sandusky, Michigan - In response to questions following the change by the Washington Football Teamthe school board members cited their immediate concerns as dealing with the Coronavirus.

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Further information: Sachem. Further information: Cheraw people. Further information: Seminole. Further information: Squaw.

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March 6, Archived from the original on February 25, Lancaster School District. Retrieved Retrieved May 7, Dakota Free Press. Moreno Junior High School".

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