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By Margot Peppers. It was once considered a little desperate to meet someone on the internet, but these days more and more couples begin their relationships online, a phenomenon that is explored in a new photo series.

We Met On the Internet combines photos taken by Jena Cumbo and accompanying biographies written by Gina Tron, explaining how each couple first connected - through dating apps like Tinder and Grindr or websites completely unrelated to relationships like Instagram and MySpace.

Ms Cumbo and Ms Tron hope that the project will open people's eyes to the normalcy of online dating, as well as the internet's potential to instigate meaningful, real-life relationships.

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Linny and Pat have been married since after they began dating as a result of a Craigslist Missed Connection post. The first time the couple actually met was at a bar inwhen Pat approached Linny, who was sitting alone, and struck up a conversation. The year-old said she was kicking herself for not getting his when she left the bar, so she created a post on Missed Connections, which Pat's friend spotted and pointed out to him.

They went on their first date four days later, and they married in Unlike some couples who meet online, Linny and Pat say they never try to hide the story of how their relationship began.

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Bryn and Mike met in on Myspace, where Bryn friended him because she saw a picture he posted of himself that was 'utterly hilarious'. Mike responded with the first of many messages, and they decided to meet each other in person soon thereafter.

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Myspace: Bryn and Mike met in on Myspace, where Bryn friended him because she liked his profile picture, and Mike responded with the first of many messages. Today, they're married and living in Brooklyn. When they met in February at a venue in Minneapolis, Bryn knew right away he was the one.

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Things moved quickly after that - Mike proposed in May, and they tied the knot at Bryn's parents' house in Wisconsin that July. Today, they're living in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with their two cats.

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When Nikki happened to spot an image of Malliha on Instagram, she was so enamored by her hair that she took a screenshot and saved it as her screensaver. Little did she know that she would run into Malliha shortly thereafter. Instagram: Nikki and Malliha's relationship began when Nikki fell in love with a photo of Malliha on Instagram.

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She made it her screensaver before she later met Malliha in person and they hit it off. Both women RSVPed to a hair event in New York - since they're fans of hairstyle blogs - but both of them turned up late, missed the event and ended up hanging out together instead.

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It was only later that night that Nikki realized Malliha was the girl on her screensaver. One of the benefits of dating websites is that some of them cater to very specific lifestyles, like JDate, which connects Jewish people, and tattoodatingsite. The latter is where Mariela, 21, and year-old Tiago met and struck up a relationship thanks to their shared love of ink. Tattoo Dating Site: Mariela and Tiago's romance kicked off thanks to their shared love of tattoos. Today, the couple are engaged and sport matching ink on their hands that say 'love'.

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After exchanging messages via the website, the couple began Skyping before they finally met in person. On their second date, they got new ink at a tattoo parlor. Two weeks later, they moved in together. Four months after that, they got engaged. Mariela and Tiago's may seem like a quick pace, but it's not uncommon for internet relationships to move somewhat swiftly, especially when you know right off the bat that you have mutual interests. Rita and Antonio, both 30, first met as teenagers in a Napster chat room in They bonded over music, anime and Japanese culture, and they stayed in touch over e-mail.


In the mids, they reconnected and began talking daily on the phone. Napster: Rita and Antonio, who now have a daughter together, first met as teenagers in a Napster chat room.

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They bonded over music, anime and Japanese culture. They had even more chemist ry in person than they had online, and soon enough they moved into together. These days they live in Queens with their daughter. Taylor, a year-old model and photographer first got a Grindr as a joke, to show his friends 'how disgusting the gay world can be'. But to his surprise, he ended up meeting and falling for Jonathan, a year-old hairstylist.

Grindr: Taylor first got a Grindr to show his friends 'how disgusting the gay world can be,' but he ended up meeting and falling for Jonathan. Jonathan says he had a gut feeling he and Taylor would get along. Taylor was skeptical at first because of the app's reputation for promoting no-strings-attached gay hookups.

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But they quickly bonded over their shared love of vintage shopping and Tim Burton films. Today, they've been dating for two months and they live together in Bushwick. Gary, 60, found love with year-old widow Rae on Jewish dating website J Date in The couple knew they'd make a perfect match because of their profiles, which indicated that they both saw faith as very important in their lives.

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Their first date began at Barnes and Noble before they walked to a nearby coffee shop and shared a dessert. For Gary, it was love at first sight. Rae, on the other hand, took a little longer to come around to the idea of a relationship with Gary because his profile picture was so unflattering.


Nikki and Tony met in after posting personal on Craigslist. Their first date, they went to see a movie and then took a trip to the mall in Poughkeepsie, New York, where Nikki lived. Craigslist personals: Nikki and Tony - who married in March - met after posting personal on Craigslist.

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They used to lie and say they met at a show, but now they're open about it. At first they used to lie about how they met, telling people they had met at a a show, since the Craigslist killer was making headlines at the time. Now, though, they're open about their digital beginnings.

In Marchthey made it official with a spring-themed wedding.

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Roberto sent Valerie a message on Makeoutclub. Roberto was immediately struck by the way Valerie wrote her messages. Make-out Club: Roberto sent Valerie a message on Makeoutclub. Despite living states away from each other, they gave the relationship a shot. They've now been living together for two years. Despite living states away from each other, they decided to give the relationship a shot, with Roberto driving to Philadelphia at first to take Valerie out on dates.

They've now been living together in Brooklyn for two years, and they're planning on having a baby together in the near future.

Cora and Will connected through an unexpected online medium - Craigslist Free Stuff. Will had posted on the website that he had free movie tickets, and Cora took him up on the offer. She noticed in his e-mail ature that he listed his graphic de website, and she was 'intrigued' when she clicked on it. Craigslist Free Stuff: Cora reached out to Will when he posted an ad on Craigslist for free movie tickets.

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They kept in touch, and now they have two children together. After that, the pair kept in touch and ultimately began a relationship.

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Now, they're married and have two children together. While not directly involving a dating website, Cora and Will's relationship wouldn't exist without the internet, an increasingly prevalent phenomenon in the modern world. George wasn't looking for a rel ationship when he post ed a p ersonal ad on Craigsli st, but he and Steve couldn't help but hit it off when they met. Craigslist personals: George and Steve hit it off after responding to each other's personals.

Today, they're a 'solid couple' and share a dog named Rocket. They're planning on moving in together in Miami in the near future. Tired of the dating scene, Julie, 28, and year-old Josh ed OkCupid, where they were matched in October They'll be moving in together this summer. Julie was prompted to try online dating because her father met his girlfriend on the internet. According to Josh, they get along because they share the 'exact same sense of humor and balance of total absurdity with seriousness'.

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For Josh, he wanted someone he could have actual chemistry with, which he found when he met Julie. According to Josh, they get along because they share the 'exact same sense of humor and balance of total absurdity with seriousness in our personalities.

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He added that, like any couple, they bicker sometimes over the little things, but overall their relationship is solid. Ember and Patrick intended to be platonic when they first met on Meetme. But when Ember invited him to a party at her house a month later, the romantic spark was undeniable.

Meet Me: Ember and Patrick intended to be platonic when they first met on Meetme. But they hit it off, and they're planning on moving from New York to Dallas together. The couple soon connected over their love of animals and cooking.

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Now they're planning on moving to Dallas together soon, where Patrick will work as a personal trainer. A shared love of adventure is what brought Dani, 37, and year-old Christian together on the website Howaboutwe. Dani posted a message that said: 'How about we challenge each other to a game of darts?

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Now they live together with their dog in the Upper West Side. They exchanged e-mails and began dating, compiling a list of activities to do together that included traveling and trying different foods. Malinda, 34, and year-old Sarah's relationship was romantic from the very start when they found each other on Match.

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