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I, Bryan C. Ward, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of West Virginia, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Sheriff of Hardy County to the best of my skill and judgement, so help me God. We maintain our commitment to protect their lives, property and Constitutional rights.

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We will work for, and with, the citizens of Hardy County, in a partnership based on mutual trust. At no time will integrity be compromised. This website is under construction to provide an information exchange.

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We will post useful information and will make every effort to keep that information current. Our goal is to be accurate and complete, but welcome feedback and error reporting.

Please visit frequently as information is updated. Our effort to identify, prevent, and solve community problems, begins with you.

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Though our deputies are well trained and eager to keep Hardy County safe, we are only as good as the information we get. Each of these tip lines has been constructed to insure anonymous reporting. If you wish to have a deputy contact you in regards to your tips, please leave your name and contract information in message box.

The information that you provide is always confidential and crucial to our success.

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Get Trusted Alerts from your local law enforcement. up at www. Community Crime Prevention The Hardy County Sheriffs Office places emphasis on crime prevention, criminal apprehension, and prosecution. With the population of the county growing, we are aware there is a need to provide traffic speed enforcement as part of an ongoing crime prevention program.


In an effort to locate specific problem areas, please fill out this form to assist us. Our goal in this endeavor is to slow a majority of traffic in a specific area down, not to write "tickets", but tickets may be issued. If you have a specific vehicle that is speeding, notify us and we will take measures necessary to slow that person's speed.

Requests will be kept confidential. Fill out and print the crime prevention form here and mail or fax to the Hardy County Sheriff's Office.

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Record your personal firearms form here and keep for your record. Community Security Checks This security check service in no way guarantees that your property will be safer from vandalism or burglary, but merely provides the Sheriff's Office with information of your whereabouts and other pertinent facts if a crime should occur.

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Fill out and print the security check form here and mail or fax to the Hardy County Sheriff's Office. The law ass to Sheriffs and their Deputies a wide range of responsibilities, including a variety of functions in the courts, enforcing laws and apprehending criminals, serving criminal and civil process, and transporting prisoners.

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Court Security and Services. Deputy Sheriffs also are required to serve as officers in Magistrate Court, in Family Law Master Court, at parenting classes conducted under the auspices of the Family Law Master, and at commitment proceedings conducted by the Mental Hygiene Commissioner. Sworn deputies in the Law Enforcement Division are also responsible for serving writs, subpoenas, summons, and other court orders, and processing extraditions.

Law Enforcement. The Office of the Sheriff is the chief law enforcement agency in Hardy County, charged with enforcing state and county laws and ordinances.

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Town police, though, provide local law enforcement in the incorporated towns of Moorefield and Wardensville. Hardy County deputies regularly cooperate with law officers from other agencies and jurisdictions — including the West Virginia State Police, Department of Natural Resources, and town police — to carry out their enforcement duties.

Incarceration of Prisoners.

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Individuals awaiting hearings or trial, or who are sentenced to serve time in jail are confined at the Regional Jail in Augusta, WV. Transport of Prisoners. Whenever someone is arrested and held for a hearing or trial, that person is transported to the Regional Jail at Augusta, WV. County deputies also are responsible for taking custody of prisoners at any location, near or far, and returning them to Hardy County.

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Deputies routinely travel to other states to pick up and return prisoners. County Humane Officers and Conservation Officers. Under West Virginia law the Sheriff's department is responsible for enforcing animal humane laws in Hardy County. Deputies are required to investigate complaints and to take action to prevent the perpetration or continuation of inhumane treatment of animals.

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Failure to do so is cause for removal from office. Concealed Weapons Permits.

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Permits to carry a concealed weapon CCW are issued by the Office of the Sheriff following application and a background clearance check. To be eligible for a CCW permit, you must be a resident of the West Virginia county in which you apply. Certain classes of people, including convicted felons, are precluded from holding a CCW permit.

You will be provided with a photo ID. Application - Concealed Weapons Permit. Do I have to carry my CCW permit with me?

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I live outside of West Virginia and I have a concealed carry permit for a firearm in my home state. Does West Virginia honor my permit?

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Currently, no other out-of-state concealed carry permits are honored. Our law was changed to permit reciprocal agreements with other states and our Governor's Office is beginning that process.

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Please consult with authorities in your state in order to determine if a reciprocal agreement has been made with West Virginia. Are there places where I am prohibited from carrying a concealed weapon? Any facility that is being used for a primary or secondary school function while that function is going on. Anywhere a is posted saying No Firearms Allowed.

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The s do not have to be of any set size or de. All Federal restrictions apply. Firearms are not permitted in federal buildings, post offices, military compounds, federal courthouses, and the like. Is it lawful to carry uncased hunting weapons e. Weapons intended for hunting must be unloaded and in a case when transported in a vehicle. I am a police officer from another state who will be traveling through West Virginia.

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May I lawfully carry my service weapon? West Virginia law permits anyone who can lawfully possess a handgun to carry an unconcealed handgun.

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If you choose to carry an unconcealed handgun in your vehicle and you are stopped for a traffic violation, you must understand that the handgun will immediately attract the attention of the police officer. The presence of the handgun may lead to action by the officer such as drawing his or her weapon, ordering you from your vehicle, and performing a pat-down search. Vehicle stops are inherently dangerous for police officers and these actions have been held to be lawful by the United States Supreme Court.

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Court Security. Their roles include maintaining the peace and security of the courthouse and courtrooms, assisting judges and other judicial officers, calling witnesses, assisting juries, and transporting prisoners. Service of Process, Civil and Criminal. Service of process is the delivery of court papers to a party, witness or other person named in a court or other adversarial proceeding or who has a stake in a case.

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When a court issues an order or decision that must be implemented or enforced — for example, a warrant, writ, summons, subpoena, subpoena duces tecumor other notice — it must be delivered and acted on. When a person has been provided with formal notice of the filing of a lawsuit that is, that he has been suedof a court hearing or trial, or ordering him to attend a hearing, trial or deposition, that person is said to have been served. When personal service is required, the Office of the Sheriff, for example, may be ordered to summon defendants to appear in court, or subpoena witnesses to a legal proceeding, or arrest someone under a writ of capias.

The service of civil process - summonses, subpoenas and other notices - is managed by a full-time process server, Mike Snyder.

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Deputies in the Law Enforcement Division handle service of criminal process - warrants and writs. Not all civil process originates with the court system.

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Other types of documents qualify for service by the Sheriff's office. Prisoner Transport. One of the principal duties of the Sheriff's office is transporting prisoners and fugitives.

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