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It sounds so In the 19th century, as cities experienced enormous population growth, men and women invented new ways to find partners in an increasingly atomized world.

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Amorous advertisements abounded in newspapers around the country; the became so popular that one letter-writing manual even offered model replies. Victorian critics derided the mostly male advertisers as wicked seducers, but the were a favorite among readers, who found them titillating glimpses into the hearts of strangers. Address Strictly Honorable, Herald uptown office.

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Do you believe, dear, in the depth of a true, honorable, manly love? Would I could never, never leave you!

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Address Charles P. A young lady of 18, wealthy, pretty and agreeable, wants a husband. Not finding any one of her acquaintance who suits her, she has concluded to take this method of discovering one.

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The happy gentleman must be wealthy, stylish, handsome and fascinating. None other need apply.


Address within three days, giving name and full particulars, and enclosing carte de visite, Carrie Howard, Station D, New York. Opinion F, 18, Seeks Victorian Gentleman.

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