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Recently, there has been a spate of arrests involving online solicitation of a minor.

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Typically, a police task force, which can be composed of federal and state law enforcement, works in conjunction with prosecutors. They devise a plan for an undercover sting operation.

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The undercover operation typically includes asing an undercover officer—usually a woman—who poses as a minor. She surfs want on various websites such as Craigslist or Back, and sends an .

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She claims she is a minor and interested in sex. Having handled many of these cases, I have learned that men who respond to these often do not believe the alleged minor is really a minor. Upon request, she sends photos to some of these men, and she looks like she is at least 18 years old.

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When she talks to some of them on the phone, she does not sound like a minor. Sexual age play does not mean that a person is sexually attracted to biologically underage people.

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The alleged minor in the sting operation asks the men to go to her apartment for sex. She asks many of them to bring alcohol, condoms, and even sex toys. The unwitting men go to the apartment and are arrested as they get out of their cars.

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These men are charged with online solicitation of a minor. If they bring alcohol or condoms or sex toys, they are also often charged with attempted sex assault of. They are arrested and booked, and their bonds are often very high.

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The folks charged with online solicitation are mostly good people in a bad situation. Many are professionals, most have no prior criminal history, and some are not born in the United States and have language difficulties which often explains how they ended up misunderstanding the alleged minor and getting arrested.

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They are upstanding citizens who would have never been arrested had they not fallen into a misleading and deceitful honey trap. They have no interest in, and no prior incidents involving, sexually abusing real minors.


So what happens after they are arrested? Under the ruse of public service, these officials are really campaigning for votes in the next election. For its part, the media—more interested in salacious than serious reporting—happily provides the forum for these elected officials.

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No one even bothers mentioning that the defendant is pd innocent. And the defendant, before he knows, is immediately pd guilty in the public eye, sometimes before he makes his first court appearance. His family may leave him.

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And alone, with no one to turn to and struggling to pay rent or an attorney, he may have a breakdown or seriously ponder suicide. Is that how a civilized country should handle these cases?

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Assault Houston. Davis to defend members of my family who I firmly believed were unfairly My drug case was dismissed thanks to their investigation!

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Drug Offenses Houston. Client was looking for a drug offense attorney that would investigate the arresting officers and process of the arrest that was in question. I know Online Solicitation Conroe. Siempre obtuvimos respuestas a todas nuestras

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