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Every day strangers pass like ships in the night. They turn to posting on Craigslist, in the desperate, unlikely hope that the other party might see the message and reply.

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What follows is a recent selection of the many stories Austinites have told there. We were both getting new library cards.

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I wanted to speak up, but every time I went to say something, the librarian asked you a question. Pencil me in? White Horse, Halloween, w4m You were the dark and handsome stranger dressed in black. I thought, this seems reasonable.

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I asked your name, and it was majestic. And long.

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And I remember none of it. Caught her eye, for a second. I dug everything about her. She checked out. Wanted to run into the parking lot and make a connection, but I found an excuse to play it cool.

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Dark blue Vans. Walked swiftly into Wheatsville on a mission. Left seconds later with a beer and some sushi. You were my best friend, my world. I have no clue what went wrong, and I wish I did.

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I still love you and always will. I want to be yours and will do what it takes to make that happen, if you still love me. I tried reaching out yesterday, but I guess you have really moved on. I miss you dearly.

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You are tall with beautiful long legs, a gorgeous face, and cussed liked a sailor. I hated to see you leave, but loved to watch you walk away.

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I hope our paths cross again. I was one of about 10 people at your retirement seminar for the night shift at the service center.

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I sat in the middle, in a sleeveless shirt and white cap. It was hard to take my eyes off you. I had a question about something afterward that you cleared up for me, and as I began to walk away, you winked at me. Austin Skate Park Handsome Fella, w4m You were the beautiful, blue-eyed gentleman skating early in the morning with a friend.

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If I am not mistaken, I think, as you were leaving you gave me an extra-long look before kindly wishing me a nice day and happy holidays. I found you quite charming in our short exchange, and your pale blue eyes mesmerized me. I hope you see this.

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Can I buy you a coffee? Or extra wheel bearings? Maybe you can teach me how to ollie?

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Or grind the rails? At least I want to say thanks for being so friendly to us. We love the skater boys, no matter how old they are, and in fact it tickled me pink to find some who were over 30 proving that cool can, in some cases, persevere through the ages. My awkward disposition probably pushes you in a direction of sheepishness.


The first time I attempted to speak to you I found myself sputtering locutions esoteric and poetic but heartfelt. I complimented you on your rhythmic skills. We happened to cross paths the other day where you were last situated when we briefly exchanged words.

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You were with a friend maybe, a mother with. I had to do a double take.

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I saw you again today, but it was brief. By the time I saw you, you were fading off into the distance like a specter of the heart.

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I wish I could drive somewhere with you. I wish I could watch you eat tacos.

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It fell between the door and my seat. I found it. We actually got to our cars at the same time when we finished. When you came up to your car, I was actually writing a note that said you are beautiful.


I was going to put it on your window. We exchanged smiles. Thunder Cloud Subs, w4m Westlake You were a tall, business-casual Norse god in slacks, a white dress shirt, brown shoes, and a braided belt.


Damn, you are a snazzy dresser! When you walked into Thundercloud, my heart nearly burst.

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You finger-combed your hair back and walked to the catering counter next to the booth I was sitting at. I was the fair-skinned brunette in scrubs with her mouth agape. I was there with a coworker who immediately started laughing at my misfortune of falling in love at first sight.

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When you walked out with your catering order, you held the door for me even though you had your hands full. Such a gentleman! Girl at Central Market this morning, m4w North Lamar You were getting pineapple cottage cheese, and I told you the kalamata olive one was really good. If you ever want to try it, let me know. Oltorf You seem so alive.

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Even barely moving, calmly eating your lunch, you were more alive than anyone else in there. You radiate a sharpness. Intense, but maybe you think you hide it well. I think you must be very intelligent, observant, had a real life so far. I wanted so badly to follow you. The Girl with the Pineapple Pizza, m4w We were at a bar.

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Before that, we played a game: hook and ring. You have red hair. Your name starts with L. But if you do, me. I feel like I missed something. Tattoos, tortoiseshell glasses, captivating eyes. Me: Tall, long beard, clear spectacle frames, North Face jacket. Also I was on an awkward Tinder date.

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There you were, standing in line at the restroom when we made eye contact. Then, a second, and a third time. Later, when I went outside I saw you there again—eye contact! I wanted to, so badly, to come up to you and initiate a conversation literally about anything. I kept glancing at you, and I felt like we were playing tag with our eyes.

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