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Any tool or service can be misused. We can't take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline.

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Hopefully we can bring them back some day. To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness!

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As predicted, this overreaching law is a move that makes all sites responsible for what people do on them and the communications they send, wrapped nicely in a 'stop sex trafficking' wrapping paper. This won't be the end of it. Expect major changes from other sites as well.

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This is an attack on free peach platforms. ly, 47 U. No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

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Now this protection is gone. The broadly worded law may be used to even target those who don't even know what is taking place on their platform. In my opinion, this is much worse than the end of net neutrality, and I really do not like the lack of attention this is getting in comparison.

One of the worst parts is this law applies retroactively. Because that's how new laws are supposed to work.

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Just to recap, site owners are now responsible for all communications that happen on their platform. Any site owner brave enough will have to find a hosting company brave enough, as they will likely be targeted to. As I was writing this post, the News subreddit has just now hidden this post that was on the frontciting that the link, craigslist's official statement, is not a news source.

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Trashy Razer blackwidow chroma I mean like the J key doesn't click anymore. I got a model M i use on it to, but its time for a new keyboard.

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Some edgy Utechsmart mouse similar to g Hooked to laptop dock for both of my dell precision laptops. Shelf- i non-k has vt-dt, some ASUS sandy itx board, intel quad nic. Currently hosts shared files, setting up as pfsense box in VM. Also acts as spare gaming PC with a or whatever someone brings. Hooked into laptop dock area via usb switch. Make sure to quote or tag people, so they get notified.

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Hey overseas a guy was just finally found guilty of a hate crime for having a dog to a nazi salute as a joke. We're not winning this war of oppression but we're trying to catch up. This is the US, but US restrictions on the internet tend to have a worldwide effect.

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This was what the fight against SOPA years ago was about. I am not responsible for any damages or problems to your device or object.

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So basically now people can't just say whatever because they can be held responsible for it? I hope that sentence makes sense.

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So if you're not from the States, those questionable massages from Cindy won't be going anywhere as of yet. Speaking out against it makes you an alt righter not just someone with a legitimate concern. I have no issue with this. If you are going to make an escort service, it's your responsibility to make sure there is no human trafficking.

If you can't do that, then yea, shut down your thing to create less venues for sex trafficking. America should take a European approach and have a brothel system that is subject to federal regulations. Online escorts are just asking for trouble.

Remember, laws taking away rights are typically labeled as something you can't possibly be against right?

The kids, sex trafficking, terrorism, patriotism. Whatever the intentions are, I would think a lot of the sex workers that use craigslist to advertise themselves were probably able to be independent, choose their own prices and customers and didn't have to deal with things like pimps and all of the abuse that comes with it.

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Taking away that avenue and forcing them back into things like streetwalking etc It allows victims of sex trafficking to sue websites where they were advertised on. So it doesn't affect that many websites, basically only websites involved with online prostitution. Except they could come back and decide that other "objectional" content on websites needs to have this protection stripped as well.

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This sets a dangerous legal precedent. This will cost people a lot of money and the only ones happy about it will be the lawyers. Except they're not taking away anything. Sex workers will just use another site.

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So this accomplishes nothing but making Craigslist look "good" to the public. This is a good move, kind of. I a mean, that stuff should happen, or should be kept to dark web content instead of Craigslist. However, I feel this won't fix anything.

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Those involved in human trafficking will just migrate to another site. Human trafficking is not a large problem in the US, not even sure its a small one. There's a "Google Murders Facebook" angle to this, but I've yet to find exactly which group is funding the push for this. It's a very specific approach to destroy specific sections of the Internet. That requires planning, funding and interest groups with that angle.


Don't fall for any of the discussion points, that isn't what it is about. It's far more likely moves to kill discussion online.

I've bolded the most important part. It won't stop anything and there are many instances of the current sites working WITH law enforcement to stop sex trafficking and additionally helping those involved to get out or at the very least, see far less risk by helping them screen clients.

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Now they'll be pushed further underground to places that won't help stop it and won't help those looking to get out, to actually get out, and making those who do stay have to take much more risk. Just to provide an example, before Craigslist removed a lot of the adult sections because a bunch of AG's decided to grandstand "fighting" prostitution, they had worked closely with law enforcement to help them out.

After they were forced to remove it they could no longer help out. As for this law, I wonder why I haven't heard about this before now.

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As others have stated, this seems like a very dangerous precedent to set. I feel this is one that's going to end up before the Supreme Court at some point. Judge a product on its own merits AND the company that made it.

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Or in with one of these services in with Twitter. in with Microsoft. in with Google.

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