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For every normal person looking for roommates online, it seems like there five times as many crazies.

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And obviously Craigslist is one of the best, most fun places to find them. We combed through the myriad recently posted Houston roommate and cherry-picked the nuttiest of them all.

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If you have a good roommate, hold them close and never let go. Because here are the other kinds of roommates you could be dealing with.

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How fitting. Short distance to supermarkets. Private room with hardwood floors.

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Wait, what? She already knows this will attract perverts, but here it goes But hookers need not apply.

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Why live alone when you can live with a blessed family? Roommate wanted, and by roommate, she means babysitter Props for creativity.

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Great news, Heights Batman! All she needs is a Batcave to call home You can have company over anytime, just one thing This laidback guy likes videos games, cooking, cleaning, and watching TV and video games.

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Oh, and you. Brooke Viggiano is Houston writer who is so incredibly grateful she has a good living situation figured out.

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But she still likes hearing about this stuff, so share your best Craigslist stories with her BrookeViggiano. Make Fun. Thrillist Serves. Social Media Links.

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