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I dont want to lead anyone on; I literally just want to find some casual, consensual I've got money, an empty apartment, and loneliness aplenty. It'd be nice to find someone to cuddle up with for a while. I know this isn't very respectable, but that's at the bottom of my list of concerns right now.

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I like doublelist, locanto, Classifieds, Blued, Fetlife, and Kijii. Fetlife is interesting No shame dude!

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Privata, Sanctuary, and The Velvet Rope host adult meet ups and events. Seeking arrangements for a sugar baby, but tinder usually works too - just be completely honest with any matches you get.

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Tinder links to your FB though. Guessing OP is in the same boat. This is the actual cregzlst replacement which may or may not be what people really want.

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What sort of things are you into? Other than what was mentioned in the comments, Catalyst Sex Positive Center sometimes hosts singles events and gangbangs their kink events are generally not good places to pick people up, but you never know.

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I wish I'd had the knowledge to even ask this question when I was single. No shame and have fun out there. Theres a bunch of apps out there but the closest thing to it is Doublelist and Healthyfling.


Have you seen this site? Posted by 3 years ago.

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Yamhill Pub. Get a dog, much better companionship. FetLife has local personals adds in the groups section. More posts from the Portland community.

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