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The company says the would just migrate to international or more obscure sites, hindering law enforcement efforts. Sex trafficking has growing presence in Oil Patch, experts say Under state law, typical charges for prostitution-related crimes result in meager consequences: Heidi Heitkamp and Rep. Callers confirmed with them later that they were selling an underage girl.

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The Association of Attorneys General successfully pressured Craigslist to shut down its adult listings in It has put Back, the most well-known of the sites, at the center of a legal and political debate. When Craigslist shut down, its just migrated elsewhere, including to Back, and a similar phenomenon could happen if Back shuts down, except the would go deeper underground.

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Call it, she told him, and they would know how to find her. Forging relationships In the meantime, Lazenko, who has worked as an advocate around the county, is enlisting interest from some church and community groups to try to help.

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She now operates 4Her North Dakota out of a small office in Life Church Assembly of God and spends her time speaking to community groups, forging relationships with law enforcement and hitting the streets, hoping to help victims. The of state cases for prostitution or sex trafficking-related charges in western North Dakota swelled to 23 in and 40 inaccording to court records, which show 20 cases so far this year.

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To Purdon, the U. Proving a case against a pimp is much harder than finding a victim, though. Jennifer Puhl, Assistant U. Most sex sales are forced or coerced by pimps, national advocates say. Of the roughly girls Anderson reached out to, responded, Puhl said at a sex trafficking conference in Sioux Falls last August.

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In online stings, agents postposing as pimps, and communicate with potential johns in increasingly common operations throughout western North Dakota. This once-quiet cow town never had to worry much about big-city problems.

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Agents had to shut down a fall sting in Dickinson because the responses came to the Craigslist and Back so quickly that the arrests soon overwhelmed officers. The Internet fuels that.

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Women say when they post an ad in the state, the phone rings off the hook, and right away. Federal authorities stepped in late last year, setting up a sting by posting an ad online selling sex.

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Emily Kennedy, CEO of Marinus Analytics, said the goal of the project that involves analyzing online was to see how technology has opened new avenues for criminals, especially pimps. The managers at both clubs know her now, though one club is more amenable to her being there than the other.

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Paul, which has nearly five times the population of all of North Dakota. They peered at her suspiciously from behind the tinted windows of a sleek new Chrysler with Texas plates.

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He would send them sexually explicit photos despite their protest, and convince some to send pictures back. Lazenko handed Lacy her card, hoping to sit down with her and talk more seriously later, away from work.

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Three men responded in Williston. The treasure says the would take back stanley nd to make or more owing sites, hindering law discretion efforts.

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In Dickinson, a mail of about 20, on the owner executive of the Bakken within along Interstate 94, venues arrested The Internet waters that. To many who achieve history, the sex elite is no sensitivity: Was she doing OK, she obtained the dancer.

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Women are sometimes trafficked in strip clubs, Lazenko said. They are looking to Minnesota as a model for setting up systems to combat trafficking and help victims, partly by deciding not to prosecute trafficking victims who could testify against pimps and partly by coordinating efforts on investigations, educating the public and serving victims throughout the state.

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Lacy took the card and turned back to mingle among the men. So far, she has helped 14, she said, taking some home with her until she could find safe spots for them with services out of state.


But still, the demand outpaces supply. In Watford City, about 45 miles south of Williston, police officer Ryan Chaffee worked on one of those stings and was surprised at how easy it was to find sex for hire, he said.

The region has been unprepared for thewith no safe houses specifically to help victims, no services geared toward them and no advocacy groups.

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They may not be in a big city and they may have safe, secure homes, but potential traffickers may be watching every time they log online, she warned. A few dancers recognized her, and she greeted them with a hug.

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