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What comes into your mind when looking for a job, housing, items on sale, services, gigs or even discussion forums? The answers may vary.

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Now you must be wondering what Craigslist Tahoe is. This is an advertisement website covering sections such as jobs, housing, items for sale and a lot more, that originally operated San Francisco before its expansion years. Everything has its start. The service was started in by Craig Newmark. At the beginning it was a small distribution list to friends and of course featured local events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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It would later become a web based service a year later before its expansion into other classified. At the dawn of the 21 st Century, other U. S cities got to know about it and today it covers a total of 70 countries.

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There definitely has to be something behind the rate of expansion to the outside world. To be able to answer that, we will need to take a look at how this site operates?

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First of all it will be very mean of me not to acknowledge the fact that the site serves more than 20 million viewers per month. In fact it stands in the 72 nd place overall among websites worldwide and 11 th in America.

This is not a small achievement. The site has a classified section whose advertisements range from traditional buy and sell and community announcements to personal. Hold on right there.

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Craigslist has over the years become a very popular online destination for arranging for dates and sex. Gays and lesbians particularly consider it useful to make connections. What makes this site the favorite choice for all this? Well, the site offers free and open environment probably because of the difficulty of having to find each other in more conservative areas.

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It sounds like a good and very convenient social site for all dick and harry. This has come along with its disadvantages however.

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InCraigslist had announced the close of the erotic services section. They however had it replaced with the adult services section as a preliminary measure because it was later to be reviewed by the Craigslist employees.

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This was quite an odd decision from the founder himself. But what were his reasons?

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This was probably because the allegations that the erotic services were being used for prostitution were the main reason why Craigslist came up with such decision. The adult sections link was however still active in other countries outside the United States. The company however makes numerous efforts to fight prostitution and sex trafficking. What would you do if it were in your position to control illegal and inappropriate postings?


Well the Craigslist has faced the challenge on their part and to curb it, they have developed a user flagging system to quickly identify illegal and inappropriate postings. The beauty about flagging is that it can be done by anyone since it does not require or registration.

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The posts are therefore automatically removed when a certain of users flag them. Clearly Craigslist has become the darling of many people. How did this happen. Well, I may want to link to the fact that the Company started the Craigslist foundation in to offer free and low cost events and online resources. This was in an effort to promote all-level community building and of course you know there is something about giving back to the community.

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The foundation not only funded organizations but also accepted charitable donations and contributed real value to the community. The Foundation is something and more. Its contribution to the development of the society has always been held dearly especially by the fortunate beneficiaries of the foundation. This was in effect from summer Despite the few challenges that have faced it, the impact of the site to the world and specifically the users of the services cannot be overlooked.

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