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By Abigail Goldman. The fee must be paid with a credit card, and Craigslist will supply this credit card information to law enforcement officials, should they subpoena it.

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Erotic services advertisers must also provide a phonewhich an automated system will call before any posting is published online. Erotic services advertisements in the dozens of American cities Craigslist serves have fallen dramatically since Nov. On Monday in Las Vegas, that meant there were only erotic services posted on Craigslist. The Monday before the traceable fees, there were more than 1.

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And the shrinking of erotic services are a clear victory for law enforcement, at least on the surface. Some critics, however, including local Vegas escorts, suggest the move will only force prostitutes onto the streets in search of clients they once could have courted from the comfort, and relative safety, of their laptops.


There are numerous Web sites that charge escorts considerable fees to advertise their services. It is the secrecy of anonymous on Craigslist that the agreement targets.

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But not everybody is scared off. For all the criticism of the clampdown, the flip side is easy to see as well: With fewer escorts advertising, prospective johns have less opportunity.

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And just as some prostitutes are loath to walk the streets, some johns are hesitant to hire company off the curb. Men who normally find escorts on Craigslist are increasingly scared to do so, according to one prostitute, who says her clients are equally put off by the idea police can subpoena details about their date.

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Gil Shannon said. Nichole Yegge was a horrific example: The year-old Vegas teen was advertising on Craigslist, allegedly pimped by the couple arrested this August in connection with her slaying. Metro vice has worked with craigslist before, particularly when it was clear that underage escorts were posting nude photographs of themselves on the site — child porn, essentially.

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When detectives would subpoena information about the person posting these advertisements, however, the information available was often of little use because everything was so easily made anonymous online.

Now connecting the dots between an escort advertising online and an arrest will be much easier for the department.

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That money will be donated to charities that address human trafficking and child exploitation, Buckmaster said. Of course, escorts are already coming up with payment techniques that make that identification trail harder to trace, one escort said.

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Every step forward may be followed by one or two steps back, as escorts look for another way to ply their trade. Many will up with agencies, he said. Full comments policy.

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Craigslist now has your. By Abigail Goldman Saturday, Nov.

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