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Well this is been happening in Lagrange Missouri a Louis county since I was told by State Police to put up more cameras on my how to protect myself from attempted murder. I have two by fours wedged in my windows in my house in La Grange Missouri to keep people from opening them up and getting in my house.

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If you want to gamble go to Fort Madison Iowa or St. Louis but stay out of Lagrange and Louis County Missouri. Where to begin? Have you noticed a decline in quality cleaning or service or cooking?

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They say they want help but the only help they want is if you bow down. When a waitress gets tested positive for covid and no one gets informed, it seems that there is a problem with the management. But when you don't inform everyone else, the problem is with the owner as well.

When employees are not properly trained to do their job and still have to take care of the public, all they can do is their best. How many of you will look at your local truck stop and see the problem lies with the management. I think we need a change of people.

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The Nace Bros. On the 14th Ricochett will be playing and I'm sure everyone knows Ricochett they have had several top ten hits and they put on an awesome show. All of this is free it does not cost to get in the way we make our money is through our concessions.

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We do not allow coolers on the park and we would ask they you patronize our concession stand. We keep our cost low so people can afford to come drink a beer or soda pop and eat a hamburger or hotdog and watch free Nashville entertainment and not have to take out a loan to do so.

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With all of that being said wed love to see you at the 87th annual Bevier homecoming you wont be disappointed. On the 11th we will be having the Nace Bros. If you like blues with an old rock and roll twist you will love these guys.

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This is all free we don not charge to get in we pay for all of this through our concession stand. On the 12th of aug.

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On the 13th Savanah Jack will be playing at straight out of Nashville and then another show at once again this is free entertainment everything is paid for through our concession stand which is very reasonably priced so you can come and enjoy yourself and have a great time. On the 14th Ricochett will be performing and I'm sure everyone has heard of ricochet they have had several top 10 hits and there just an awesome band and they put on an awesome show. Once again this is free no cost come watch the show with up get an Ice cold beer from the concession stand or a pop.

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We also have world famous homecoming hamburgers and hotdogs so don't go away hungry. On wend.

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This is free entertainment everything is paid for through our concession stand. We have Ice Cold Beer, Soda, and hotdogs and hamburgers and we try to keep the cost down so everyone can enjoy themselves. On thurs. On Friday night we will have savanah Jack straight from Nashville and they will be performing two shows one at and one at once again this is a free show no entry charge.

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On Saturday night we will be having Ricochett straight out of Nashville and I'm sure all of you are familiar with Ricochett they have had several top ten hits and put on an outstanding performance. Once again its free of charge all we ask is that you support our concession stand which is very reasonably priced.

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Come on out and us for some great fun and entertainment you wont be sorry. Bevier is a very relaxed and fun time environment. On Thursday night we will have a local night little mr. On Friday night savanah jack will be playing and this is all free admission everything is paid for through our concession stand no coolers please. This is all paid for through our concession stand so we ask if you would please patronize it we try to keep the prices low so everyone can have a great time.

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So if your not doing anything come drink a beer with us and eat a world famous homecoming hamburger and enjoy some free Nashville entertainment. Have her tell me what the seven means, she'll know what it means. Does anyone know where I can get this information? Thank you very much.

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Guess one never knows what happebs behind closed doors. Especially Donnie Hamptons door. What a sick man. Deciding peoples fate at a whim.

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Looking for part time employees. Where to contact people for work.


Come on fellow Fremontians'. Step up your gossip game you bunch of hypocritical, hand job in the back church pew, fickle, 2 face fellow hooglams. We are all friends here. Some a little more than others.

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So let's swap stories or hell, even lies instead of wives or guys and get this gossip train going. I'm disappointed in all of you animals.

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Quit acting holy because God already knows your sins. We should get to know them too. Hopefully this starts the revolution ya bunch of pussies. She pretends to be. I know the family and i know the truth.

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She has destroyed a family with her lies and manipulation and hasnt even batted her eye at her conscience. Morals are only a front she puts on and takes off like a piece of clothing.

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Its really sad. Its not hard to be the good person she only pretends to be. I guess its just easier to kick the legs out from under a person to make yourself look better than it is to actually see the truth and do something about it.

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People are so pathetic sometimes. Applied for coronavirus bailout money from the government and opened a GoFundMe for herself. Sewer might be a different matter though. Sometimes HOAs have regulations.

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Call the courthouse in Versailles. We know where you are. Far easier to get all uppity about the half-baked "Robinson Jeffers Boxing Club" than to actually portray slavery and racism in all its horrors There is good in everyone i hope. But there is so very little in some that you realize all the good you believed to be in them was just them mimicking good people.

They are very good at that. None so blind as those who will not see. I have been blind for a long time.

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No more though. I see know. Do you ever have moments of slip of judgment to where you actually feel Or are you truly that cold and black inside. No one will ever believe in you as much you will never find another me. But do you ever feel anything. Do you ever regret or are you so deep in a life of lies that you are a lost soul leading others straight to hell with a smile. I love to fish the lake by us tool.

Hmu if interested.

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Our satisfaction guaranteed Ive been best friends with chris over 15 years close to Recently we encountered one another after several years of incarceration for us both Both institutionalized and socially aquward found comfort in the mere presesnce of the other someone who relates. We both spent years in solitary confinement which is psychological warfare in itself We trust few and when we feel at odds or hopeless we tend to hv suicidal thoughts or homicidal either option to us is home This is not right I know im strong yet never did i think those years served as a would cause such anguish.

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