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Anyone have any information on Her? Although I note that outside of Wayne County there is perhaps less risk.

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Nevertheless it looks to me like my best bet for a little stress release will be in the Strip Club back rooms or visiting one of the AMP's. Does anyone have info on this one. I have her on my list but just don't know.

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ThanksI dont know about the pics, but this one has been using these pics for months. I have seen them over and over. Dating back to before CL started charging for posts. I haven't, however, ever seen a review of this one. Not a risk Im willing to take. I saw her ad too she looks new to the hobby, some new girls start low to generate business. Nice ass on her! The fact that she has "Friends" coupled with the low price and the decent pics kind of le me to believe that she is escort service and will upsell like crazy.

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No basis for that besides just my own hunch, take it for the two cents it is worth. I have seen the brunette in this picture. Excellent oral skills. Probably the best I have experienced.

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When I saw her a while back, she certainly had a little more weight on her. Anybody know what happened to Jewel? I saw her times and thought I had a regular going on but I lost my phone and she hasn't posted for quite awhile. I think I last saw her in DEC. Anybody seen her lately? Your girl has surfaced.

Let me give you what you need today.

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I always impress and you will not be disappointed. I would love to spoil you!

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Call me, let's set something up ; per hr full fun! Procede with extreme caution. Acoms Razor.

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The simplest answer tends to be the correct one. At least two different phone s used in historical Only one picture ever shown height is sometimes 5'7" sometimes 5'8". I'm out of town but at least I got new digits now. No Was the Description you were given accurate?

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Yes Hair Color and Length:Brunette hair near middle of back. Would you recommend this Provider to others?

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Yes Comments: Decided to take one for the team as I have not seen a review for this one yet. Can not help myself, I am a sucker for curvy woman with large tits.

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I am glad I did, She perhaps has given me the best bbbjtcws I have had in a very long time, I would visit her just for them but she has so much more to offer. Great curves and a lovely set of tits.

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Loves many positions and is alot of fun to be with. Seems she uses multiple names which is never a good thing. She is in Detroit, so possibly managed by a pimp or infected?

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Her pictures look pretty good I must say. That picture looks fake and if she does full service bareback that is risky. I would like to know about this one myself. I will contact her via and phone also. I did find it funny she put an actual location in the CL ad. Anybody check this on google maps and see where its at?

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Street View is available for that location. I've seen that chick Remy's solo and duo on there a few times and was thinking about checking her out. I'm not involved in this thread, but my spidey sense is tingling. I don't use CL very much.

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Why would a girl give the Courtyard as her address? Sounds like it could be a sting. The police are very interested in not putting themselves in any danger, and making sure they get to the donut shop before it closes. They like to have everything all set up, cops everywhere, guns all loaded. They don't want to go somewhere they don't control, that might not be close to a donut shop.

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That is so funny. It is right next to Detroit PD headquarters. I'm with ya on not using CL, why would you? The SC are a much safer bet and there's no bait and switch.

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I haven't seen anyone on CL worth the risk and when I do I get the feeling that it's too good to be true. Plus the prices are comparable. Heck many of the girls I spoke with in the SCs said that they'd offer takeout, so another reason to avoid CL. Somebody needs to tell the guy in the work van that it is illegal in the city of detroit to talk on a call phone and drive at the same time. I did receive an from her today. More so, it would be fair to state that the dream refused to go near this category. Fortuitously, the dream entailed high quality, though slightly fetish oriented, cfs.

For 1. However, I would note that the dream occurred in a large suite wherein my spidey senses tingled that other were present.

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In this case it turned out to be another female revealed upon search. If one solely wants a cfs dream of decent quality then I would recommend other than that stay away. Tangentially, I dreamed of the following value. Said dream involved no clock watching as it most certainly exceeded the implied dream length.

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Due to the good initial bbbj i returned at a later date for 1. Said dream involved little clock watching. The subject of the dream attempts to please in order to cultivate repeat dreamers but seldom posts. Dam do you have them bad dreams often. That's a long way from Sterling Heights. My instincts have the ability to detect a fake dream but not a nightmare, how ironic. That same girl and photo came up on CL while I was in Louisville last week. She either travels around very quickly or something wrong is happening here.

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I am sure it is some type of scam, I was a few states away this week and saw the same pic, and ad in the Lansing mi and the one out of state.

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