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Craigslist, named after Craig Newmark, a San Francisco man who started the website as a hobby inoffers local classifieds and forums — moderated by staff, and largely free. Administrators boast that visitors of the site can find jobs, housing, goods, services, romance, local activities, advice and just about anything else.

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Throughout the years, headlines have revealed the darker side of the buying and selling online to unknown people, who might have their own agenda on placing or responding to an ad. Most recently, three teens were arrested in Flint for robbing eight people who had responded to their classified ad on craigslist.

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The teens posted an ad, claiming to sell new iPhones. Rather than completing the transaction legally at the predetermined meeting spot, a church parking lot, the teens robbed the victims of their cash and vehicles.

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The suspects were arrested on July 6 when they met with a police officer, working undercover in a sting operation, to complete a transaction. Swanson said the sites are a common avenue to facilitate crimes, such as embezzlement, fraud, prostitution, and even murder, such as the murders a few years ago, that took place outside Minneapolis and Boston.

In OctoberKatherine Olson responded to a classified ad for babysitting on craigslist.

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When Olson showed up at the home near Minneapolis, rather than being greeted by a mother and small child, she faced a Ruger. She went to the Boston hotel room, where she believed she would meet with the person who responded to her massage ad.

Instead, she was attacked and murdered. Philip Markoff, an engaged college student was later charged with her murder. He was also accused of assaulting other masseuses for hire he met via craigslist. Swanson said most of the cases involving fraud that he has seen never get resolved.

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Victims stand a percent chance of losing their money. With the recent robbery in Flint, Swanson said, despite meeting in an open parking lot of the church, the transaction still turned out unfortunate for the innocent buyer.

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Swanson urges anyone who uses the online, classified websites to use their he and to stay away from the greed. A couple, who did not want to be identified, of Mt. Morris, said their year-old son recently had an interesting experience with craigslist.

The teen was eager to sell some video game pieces and placed a classified ad on the website. A man, claiming to want to buy his video items called his cell phone.

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The unknown caller asked their son if he could trust him. Becoming very suspicious, the couple shared their concerns with their son.

But, it was difficult convincing a 19 year old that someone was trying to scam him when he really believed he was going to come out ahead on the deal. When the teen took the check to his own bank, the teller told him it was not real. Thank you for reading!

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