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The Human Trafficking Initiative HTI at Creighton uses data science to collect, analyze and evaluate the scope of sex trafficking and identify effective policy solutions. It got started when Price, an undergraduate majoring in international relations, ed an experimental research laboratory led by Clark and faculty in mathematics and computer science.

Price assumed leadership of a project simulating international human trafficking flows.


Price brings her expertise in mathematical, statistical and computational modeling to the table, and pores over the latest literature on the subject of human trafficking. Today, the two collaborate on all facets of projects coming out of the Human Trafficking Initiative.

HTI work spans local human trafficking networks to international aspects.

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While major cities such as Atlanta and Oakland, California, are hotbeds of commercial sex activity, lesser populated areas such as Biloxi, Mississippi, and Greenville, South Carolina, also top the list. Their most recent project was a report that paints a picture of how prevalent human trafficking is in Nebraska.

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Much of Nebraska is impacted by the Interstate 80 corridor, which has a relatively high per capita rate from Chicago westward. Seven out of 10 individuals sold for sex, have at least one indicator of being trafficked. Being underage or controlled by a third party are indicators that the person is being trafficked as opposed to voluntarily participating as a prostitute.

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As Clark points out, one is a victim, the other is a criminal. The research determines where individuals lie on a continuum from sex work on one side to sex trafficking on the other.

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Our main goals are to research issues, fund innovative solutions and seek change through policy solutions. Crysta has read every piece of literature on trafficking. They are so great to work with.

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The report fills a void of academic research surrounding sex trafficking. To conduct the research for this report, Price and Clark spent nearly a year studying advertisements on an online market hub called Back, which, at the time of the research, provided advertising for 80 percent of the online commercial sex industry. Buyers and sellers would frequent the. According to Price, Craigslist escort were stopped in and moved to Back.


In the same manner, HTI found that shutting down Back did not change the of individuals sold for sex, but rather resulted in their moving the marketing of services to other sections on the website. Traffickers bring the supply to meet the demand.

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The Nebraska report found that the younger the individual, the higher the hourly rate advertised. This creates incentives for traffickers to recruit younger women and girls. Common venues for human trafficking include large events. They often end up in sex trafficking through men who act like they are their boyfriend, but they are really just trying to build trust so they can traffic the female. They promise a lifestyle and gifts. Therefore, the average age is probably a lot younger.

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In Nebraska, 11 percent of those sold for sex online are advertised under the age of In fact, 71 percent of child sex trafficking reports received by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children are linked to on Back. Department of Justice. The last 10 years, beginning when he was an assistant United States attorney, his emphasis has been fighting human trafficking. The task force defines itself as having three primary goals: help victims and survivors, stop human traffickers and eliminate the trafficking market.

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Participants come from government, social services, law enforcement and other areas. In addition to the statewide administrator, there are three human trafficking specialists in Omaha, Grand Island and North Platte, each covering two regions of Nebraska as defined by the task force. The task force has given seven, two-day comprehensive training sessions in six deated regions across Nebraska, including two training sessions in the greater Omaha area.

The sessions brought together people likely to be engaged on a response team in that region. A separate program of the Coalition on Human Trafficking trains people working in the hospitality industry to recognize and respond to sex trafficking in hotels and motels. A few include child abuse and neglect, mental health, intellectual development, poverty, homelessness, problems with the foster care system, pornography, the commercial sex industry itself, strip clubs, gangs in trafficking, drug abuse and distribution, domestic abuse crimes, and the list goes on.

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No buyers equals no trafficking. What can people do right now?

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If you see something, say something by calling the National Human Trafficking Hotline We have an obligation. To overcome human trafficking, recommendations from the report include the following:.

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For example, the Hispanic and Native American communities do not often use online sources, but instead rely on word of mouth to sell services. According to Clark, the project is likely to go on for 15 to 20 years. Creighton Magazine. Increased collaboration and information sharing with other states and across jurisdictions between private and public agencies.

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The transient nature of individuals sold for sex makes victim identification difficult unless system collaboration occurs. Anti-trafficking efforts to focus on truck stops, gas stations and hotels along major highways. Increased awareness by working with groups such as Truckers Against Trafficking, as well as help from them in identifying trafficking.

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Higher penalties for buyers and increased likelihood of being caught.

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