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Models available in weird colors welcome the Escort is a bright jade green. My wife simply wants something with fewer miles. Great news, Jon! Shortest Ask Bark ever!

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There are a couple of phrases that make me extremely nervous when recommending a car to somebody:. The 3. In the words of the Supreme Leader, yes, you can! Man, this is a tough one. It has a manual transmission. And it would be a very unique choice up in Corn Country.

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Ready, Set … GO! The answer is L. OP here. This gen of Escape could be had with a stick shift 2.

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If you can find one. And yes, they have the unique feature of rolling down the tailgate glass. Engine options are the 4.

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If you can find one with a manual, go for it. Stay the hell away from the 6F35 automatic, though.

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I owned a Mini Cooper S, bought new, for 10 years. Although it only accumulated 40K miles in that time, it was quite reliable.

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Other than the usual consumables the only replacement item was the electrohydraulic power steering pump that died later the subject of a service action by Mini which I had rebuilt by Module Masters and installed myself. Never took it to the dealer, changed the oil regularly myself, that was it. Too bad. Head gaskets on the naturally aspirated 2. An even worse recommendation is the Legacy GT from due to oil starved turbos.

Thanks for the reliability testimony.

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A late-model turbo is also not a bad choice as the turbos never had the head gasket issue and the oil starvation issue was largely resolved in later years. A Focus wagon might work, too.

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Lots of folks have suggested Subaru. It had the 3. Hey bball! This OP has no kids to annoy! Because of that, it has the ridiculously large turning radius, but is a surprising large vehicle that does not look that large. Also, the rear diff fluid also needs changed regularly…if you have the XC of course. Other than that, regular maintenance should keep you going for many satisfying miles.

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One more thing, look for electrical gremlims when it comes to turn als. The front sockets need replaced if not working right. Those have all been my V70XC issues.

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Most answers were found on various sites. The biggest difference is the cost to repair. Which do you think he will be able to find easier and for dirt cheap, the Ford 3.

The GM-Ford 6 speed automatic is a good one, especially the Ford version. Again, very easy to find in a salvage yard full of late model insurance totals if it does fail.

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Some sensor fails in years. Could happen to any car. AutoZone or Ford dealership will have it in stock more likely than a similar Volvo part, not to mention for far cheaper. Complicated issues could require someone very familiar with Volvos if that waa his choice, but anyone familiar with the many versions of this car sold by Ford, Mercury and Lincoln for quite a while now would be able to handle almost anything that goes wrong.

Finding someone who can work on a Ford is far easier than finding one very familiar with Volvos is my point, and labor rates should be ificantly lower for the Ford. The P2 platform, and the 2.

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They are very common. Also, dealers charge huge amounts per hour in labor, be it Ford or Volvo. I have found reputable mechanics are both cheaper and readily available.

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You must never have owned a car with that transmission. I owned two, a Fusion and a Escape, and both had trans issues from day 1. The 6F35 is a horrible piece of engineering that should never have been foisted on the public.

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Let me just chime in here to commend you on your choice in wives. I am with you. I did mary the same kind of girl…only owns one dress and cares little about glitter. And she refuses anything wagon looking.

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And this is a woman with nothing but practical, comfortable shoes, no more than purses, and she might even have fewer pieces of clothing than I do. My parents have a Taurus X that they bought new and currently have K on the odometer.

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I highly recommend you look at it. The Escape, as suggested by JimZ, is a good idea, but very similar to the Sportage.

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I called it a Sporty, so the fault is mine for the confusion. If she finds one she likes, and at low cost, it may be a winner. Parts are still available as far as I know, and they are really really reliable little cars. I concur.

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Something tells me that if woman asked for MT she actually enjoyed the little driving she had to do. And Focus delivers, at half the price and mileage of competition.

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Great mpgs, especially with stick. That Focus is a gem — well-kept, top-of-the-line wagon with the premium sound, the manual. Lots more room than the Escort.

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They are used to getting 36 mpg — might as well keep getting it. That Focus is it.

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All of the earlys teething issues are long gone bythe depreciation is all done, but the vehicle is solid and worth more as a driver than the blue book allows. One owner, they had an extended warranty, so things got done when they cropped up. They even had it detailed at the dealer regularly.


It has snows on it; I bet there is a set of all-seasons that go with it, too. It has splash guards, which on that car go a long way toward keeping rust at bay. And of course, legally used car dealers would never misrepresent the condition of a vehicle.

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