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Fired via text message? Really? Craigslist has a haiku for that.

After living in the city the majority of my life my family and I moved to a small-town farming community in Iowa. We were tired of the chaos, the crime, the commotion.


We longed for simplicity, peace, and quiet. The city is a minute drive from our home.

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I thought a gal pal would be great. I thought, maybe making a friend in Iowa City will be good for me. I thought, she can show me the lay of the land and we can check out the sights while learning from one another.

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I thought this will be super cool. I decided to check out the Strictly Platonic on Craigslist. Some of the I read were off the chart. Do not try to fuck me.

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I decided to place my own ad. The response I received was both over and underwhelming. I wondered, did my ad sound desperate?

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I had one person me 11 times. Yes, 11 in a two-day span. I had only replied to her once after she sent the first .

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By the 11thshe asked me to pick her up at the airport and take her to lunch. I felt stalked.

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I also received this short but forward and to-the-point from another person. We can or text though.

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I am interested in you and your life, by what you posted. Everything you said intrigues me. I used to love to write hand written letters. As to another writer.

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Would love to hear from you. He replied with nothing that has to do with my ad.

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Then there was this response. I get bored. My husband works days.

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When he gets home from work, he just wants to watch television and I am itching to get out and visit or do something active. I can get out in the evenings and on weekends, but it is not fun to do things all alone. My sister and I used to do activities together but she is busy now with grandchildren.

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I would like to know more about you. How perfect — what a relief. Finally, someone, I could connect with.

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That was two weeks ago. At this point, my expectations have dropped quite a bit.

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Is it my ad? Is it me? Is this a dumb idea? Should I go it alone? I never needed anyone else to be adventurous.

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Why do I think I do now? Am I wasting valuable time while I could be checking out the sights?

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Does the universe have some grand plan for me and I should patiently wait until it becomes clear? I asked myself all these questions and although my answers told me my efforts are unnecessary — I decided to create a new Craigslist ad this morning and give it another go.

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This time I was more direct. If nothing else, I have learned from this experience. In reality, there are bizarre people out there.

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Myself included. I want someone to hang out and see the sights with me but only need myself to actually do it. Perhaps the responses and replies I receive from my new ad will be different.

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The friendship would be an added bonus, but not a necessary one. Erika Sauter is a writer, artist, agoraphobic manic depressive.

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You can find her creating on Patreon. Follow her on Facebook.


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