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As pawns in a capitalistic chess game, we need to be critical and ask ourselves- while many companies are profiting off female empowerment are they also cheapening the meaning of what it means to be a feminist? Ok seriously The trend of brands beginning to realize the power and benefits of positioning themselves as advocates of women empowerment is The stories are below:.

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As a user, I can easily navigate between views. This comes from milliseconds of referencing my memory of brands that one looks up to and from scrolling though the digital presences of these big shots dominating the digital arena- Google, Netflix, AirbBnb, take your pick.

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One can quickly notice much of the aesthetic currently is flat de. So this bring us to the question…. I present Adidas as the clear looser here although I prefer their banding and they hold my dream post grad jobto one of its industry competitors, Under Armour, who has the uglier but more functional UI. See you never dream job!

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Analog preceded Digital, so we can critique that first. Alright, so this particular object came to mind right from the get go as I often find myself playing a push-pull game with this particular interface. The intended interaction of the object is to pull the underneath and pray it opens….

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If good UX means functionally, efficiency and the ability to get from A to B then sure ugly UX can still be labeled as good. Underwhelming de, while potentially tacky and bland, can still be functional and meet the standards of users.

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Lies, deceit, and fraud: the inappropriate marriage of capitalism and feminism. A marketers favorite buzzword?

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Craigslist for. Prototype Review. Is flat de overrated?

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Identifying IxD Concerns. Can Ugly be Good UX? About Write Help Legal.


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