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NORWALK -- A Fairfield man was charged with patronizing a prostitute Tuesday night after his Craigslist advertisement got the attention of Westport detectives, who arranged to meet the man for sex if he brought them Ecstasy pills, police said. Casey Curtiss29, was charged with two counts of patronizing, one count of possession of a hallucinogenic substance and possession of a hallucinogenic substance with intent to sell. Police said they spied Curtiss' ad just days before Saturday when craigslist, which is facing withering criticism from U.

Blumenthal, who in April called for Craigslist to stop pimping "in plain sight," is trying to determine whether it will continue to block the category.

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In a police report of the arrest, Detective Jillian Cabana said she noticed the ad on Sept. The ad said, "Rolling tonight, would love a lady friend or friends if you have them and they want to ROLL with all expenses paid!!!!

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If ur interested a pic. Will bring you to ecstasy and back!!!!

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Cabana called Curtiss and arranged for him to meet up with her and another friend -- who in reality was another detective -- and Curtiss would bring four Ecstasy pills for the two women, the report said. The plan was for the three to go to a bar and then have sex on Tuesday night, the report said.

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Curtiss asked Cabana to pick up condoms, her report said. On Tuesday at p.

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Cabana got out of her car and was greeted with a hug by Curtiss. Cabana then asked about the Ecstasy pills and Curtiss pulled out a small glassine baggy containing six small pills.

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Seeing the pills, Cabana aled for backup and Westport and Fairfield detectives along with two patrol officers moved in and took Curtiss into custody. Curtis said that he "just wanted to have a good time" and that the relationship with the mother of his children recently ended, and he wanted to have a good time with women with similar interests who appreciated his company, the report said.

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