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Blumenthal And The Prostitutes.

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August 26, True or not, we do know that politicians make political hay of prostitution. It appears that former Attorney General of New York Elliot Spitzer was en exception to this rule, and it was not until late in his sterling career we understood why: Spitzer was indulging on the side.

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His pastime cost him his job; it almost cost him his wife. Attorney General of Connecticut Richard Blumenthal has other hobbies; a best guess might be canasta.

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We know Blumenthal does not shy from condemning prostitution because several months ago he took off after craigslist, a California based company, with a pitchfork. Now, no attorney general who is not Spitzer likes prostitution.

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So, craigslist was an easy target for Blumenthal, a stinking heap of disreputable activity in which Blumenthal could plant his flag to convince voters in Connecticut who are not kindly disposed to his candidacy for the U. But there is a problem — several problems, in fact. Unlike the attorney general of Massachusetts, Blumenthal is only a civil and not a criminal attorney.

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True, the fall under the protection of First Amendment rights of free speech. The First Amendment is a daunting hurdle, even for such a high stepping attorney general as Blumenthal.

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If, for example, you successfully harass the owner of craigslist to surrender his First Amendment rights to publish legal on his site, can you, in good conscience, withhold your disapproval from Connecticut newspapers and other media outlets that run similar ?

What happens in California may, one hopes, stay in California.

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Last June the Hartford Courant ran a story that should have awakened the interests of those investigators in Blumenthal's office who were exploring the connection between service and prostitution. According to the story, a woman arrested for prostitution in Meriden had been soliciting business through she placed on websites and in the Hartford Advocate.

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Both operations offer table showers and full service sex. Barnum and J. Labels Barack Obama Blumenthal. Spitzer Mamis.

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Labels: Barack Obama Blumenthal. As we well know the AG is in dire need of funds. Public Relations vs.

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Post a Comment. July 07, Dave Walker, who is running for Lieutenant Governor on the Republican Party ticket, is recognized by most credible political observers as perhaps the most over qualified candidate for Lieutenant Governor in state history.

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When Mr. Walker talks about budgets, financing and pension viability, people listen. Walker is also attuned to fine nuances in political campaigning. He is not running for governor, he says, because he had moved to Connecticut only four years ago and wishes to respect the political pecking order.

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Very few people in the state think that, were he governor, Mr. Walker would know less about the finance side of government than his budget chief. .

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The Blumenthal Burisma Connection. October 15, Steve Hiltona Fox News commentator who over the weekend had connected some Burisma corruption dots, had this to say about Connecticut U. Richard Blumenthal.

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September 05, Purely as a practical matter, we in Connecticut have no fully operative legislature or judiciary. This means that our usual three legged governmental stool — legislative, judicial and executive branches of government — is lacking two legs. Only the executive department, in the person of Governor Ned Lamont, is operating on all cylinders and at, some would say, excessive speed.

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This extension of powers, this sundering of the separation of powers, some believe, may be unconstitutional and, at the very least, raises.

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